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The President Was Right to Veto Embyronic Stem Cell Bill

  • Tony Beam Dr. Tony Beam's Weblog
  • Published Jul 20, 2006

If you tell a lie often enough it becomes true in the minds of the majority.  Public perception of embryonic stem cell research bears almost no resemblence to the scientific facts.  But of course, this makes no difference to the left in this country who see, in the embyronic stem cell research debate, another opportunity to pummel the President.

Before the Senate voted to defy President Bush's ban on federal spending for embyronc stem cell research Democrat after Democrat lined up on the Senate floor to beg, cry, tug at heart strings, and in general portray embryonic stem cell research as the Holy Grail of miraculous cures.  After the vote, they lined up in front of the media to do what they do best....demagogue emotional issues for potential political gain.  And gain they will because most people are to busy watching reality T.V. and complaining about how hot it is to look beyond the media headlines and soundbites (the propaganda twins of the left) to discover the truth.  That truth is simply this.... embryonic stem cell research requires the taking of innocent human life and the only promise the research has shown so far is the promise that if the federal government will fork out more money scientists will be glad to spend it on dead end after dead end. 

Please do not be drawn into the trap of lumping all stem cell research together.  Poll after poll shows broad support for embyronic stem cell research but most people don't realize there is a vast difference between the adult and embyoinic forms.  The left's media mouthpieces propogate this confusion on purpose by almost never differentiating in their coverage between the two vastly differnt methods of research. 

Adult stem cell research has produced some very impressive results, including some truly miraculous cures.