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The Senate Fiddles While The House Burns Alaska Drilling

  • Tony Beam Dr. Tony Beam's Weblog
  • Updated Nov 13, 2005

How ironic that on the same day the United States Senate was conducting its version of the inquisition against the major oil companies the House of Representatives was undermining the United States best chance at breaking the strangle hold of international energy dependence. 

The Senate brought the heads of five major oil companies (Exxon Mobil, Chevron, ConocoPhillips, BPAmerica and Shell) to Capitol Hill in order to lecture them about how to run their business and to tongue lash them for what some called "their obsence profits." Sen. Pete Domenici, R.-N.M., said there is a "growing suspicion that oil companies are taking unfair advantage."  Sometimes in order to get the message, you have to pay as much attention to what politicians don't say as to what they do say.  Senator Domenici did not say there was any evidence of price gouging, only a "growing suspicion" of nefarious conduct on the part of the oil companies.  Why didn't the Senator roll out his charts, price comparisons, oil futures analysis, and his star witnesses who have direct evidence of oil company price gouging?  Because neither he nor anyone else has any evidence of price gouging.  All anyone has is anecdotal evidence combinded with pure speculation with a dash of internet insainity thrown in for good measure.

Senator Barbara Boxer, D-Calif, brought out the Democrat demagoguery playbook and turned to the page on class warfare to make her argument.  Senator Boxer said, "working people struggle" while oil company executives were reaping multimillion-dollar bouses onn top of multimillion dollar salaries.  She went on to talk about the sacrifces working families would have to make to pay for heating costs this winter while "Your sacrifice appears to be nothing."  Class warfare, the depicting of the rich as heartless profiteers who want to oppress working families, has brought many political benefits to Democrats but it does nothing but stir passions without promoting one single idea for a real solution. 

The only voice of reason in the room was former Michigan Gov. John Engler.  Engler now serves as the head of the National Association of Manufacturers