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NEA declares war on academic freedom & conservatives

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  • 2005 Jul 07
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As I reported yesterday, the NEA delegates were entertaining the following new business item: It passed.


NEA will develop a comprehensive strategy to deal with the new and more sophisticated attacks on curricula, policies, and practices that support GLBT students, families, and staff members in public schools.


Extremist groups are using increasingly sophisticated and aggressive tactics to attack school districts with affirming GLBT policies, curriculum and practices. These tactics include litigation, so-called "Days of Truth" and attacks on the rights of gay students to form clubs. These groups are making schools less safe and are infringing on our members academic freedom.

Submitted by

50 Delegates

Contact Person/Mover

Tom Nicholas, Connecticut

Relevant Strategic Priority

          Student Achievement

          Cost Implications
           This NBI can be accomplished within the proposed 2005-06 Strategic Plan and

           Budget at no additional cost.


I wonder what the strategy will be. No new moneys were allocated for the strategy but the union leadership did allocate money to rid itself of an irritating internal problem. The NEA engineered a take over of the Republican Educators Caucus by giving the group $170,000 to combat the Arnold Swartzenegger's proposed education reforms as well as Republican support for vouchers. Read the whole story in this Washington Times article.  

The NEA delegates also rejected an academic freedom proposal that would have protected "intellectual pluralism and the free exchange of ideas" in the nation's classrooms.

The last item there is the crux of the matter. The majority of delegates at the NEA by their own votes and actions have nearly crushed any semblance of "intellectual pluralism and free exchange of ideas."

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