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If Eating Broccoli is Bad for You Does it Make You a Minority for Doing So?

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What would you think if I told you that eating broccoli has been proven to cause a number of maladies some of which are life threatening and all of which compromise human wellbeing and cost tax payers billions of dollars.


For example what would you think if I told you that the Center for Disease Control and Prevention says that one out of five men in your city who choose to eat broccoli will contract an incurable disease and suffer an early death?


What would you think if I told you that because the CDC knows of this risk that it has already put in place regulations that prohibit broccoli eaters from donating blood because their contagion risk is 60 times higher than the general population?


What would you say if I showed you that the FDA warns: Eating broccoli results in a 200-600% increase in the likelihood of contracting other diseases such as Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C?

What would you think if I laid in front of you a 2007 CDC study showing that those eating broccoli account for an epidemic 64 percent of all syphilis cases in the United States even though they comprise only 1-2% of the US population?

What would you think if I then turned around and, in spite of all the above, said:  But eating broccoli is not a choice.  It's a lifestyle. It's an identity. We need to open up our military to more broccoli.  We must educate our children to be more accepting of broccoli. We must create laws that promote broccoli.  Those who speak out about the dangers of broccoli are hateful and intolerant. They're bigots.  We can't discriminate against those who like broccoli!

Do ideas matter? Are some logical? Are some broken? Are some simply absurd? You be the judge.


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