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Interview on David Barton's Wall Builders Radio

Just had a 20 minute interview on WallBuilders radio Live with Rick Green and Dr. David Barton.  

The topic was my book: Why I Am a 'Liberal' and Other Conservative Ideas.

In the interview (and the book) my premise is that it is the contemporary Conservative who is more passionate about and committed to "classical liberalism" than is today's PC Left-Progressives.  

Like GK Chesteron, Alexis de Tocqueville, and Edmond Burke, today's Conservativers recognize that liberty and liberation can only be found within the boundaries of God's revelation and natural law.  

Conservatives are "conservationists" and believe in "conserving" the time-tested truths that have been endowed to us by our Creator.  

Conservatives are really much more passionate about intellectual liberty and academic freedom than their left-of-center counterparts.  

Conservatives ironically today more classically "liberal" than the progressives who try to silence them and intimidate them into silence via the use of ad hominem and ad populum attacks and other non-sequiturs.  

Here is the link to today's interview http://wallbuilderslive.com/archives.asp?showID=1648

Here is a link to the book "Why I Am a Liberal and Other Conservative Ideas" http://www.amazon.com/Liberal-Other-Conservative-Ideas-ebook/dp/B0045JL678

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