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Islam and Desperate Housewives

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In a one of my recent broadcasts I suggested that a key reason for Muslim animus toward the West is not too much Christianity but too little - Not too much biblical morality but to the contrary not enough.  I cited Dinesh D'Souza, a Research Scholar at Stanford University, who recently said "Islamic radicals…make their case against America not on the grounds that [we] are Christian, but on the grounds that [we] have abandoned Christianity. Secularism, not Christianity, says D'Souza, is responsible for producing a blowback of Muslim rage."


If D'Souza's words aren't convincing enough for you perhaps those of an Oklahoma Wesleyan alumnus who is actually a missionary serving on the frontlines in a Muslim country will be. "Secularism and immorality of the West is indeed a hang-up for Muslims" she says.  "They often associate Western immorality with Christianity. They do not separate their religion from their culture and they assume that the same is true for us…  We must communicate that Christianity is not [synonymous with] Desperate Housewives or Britney Spears [and we must do so] by our lives and our words. Also, believe it or not, communicating to Muslims that you are a highly religious [and principled] person will actually earn you respect in their eyes."  She continued, "I had the privilege of sharing a Ramadan meal with some Muslim ladies [recently] and the subject of alcohol came up. [When] I told them that I don't drink their eyes [widened] and they said, '… You're the first Christian we've ever met [like that...]' Bottom line-- Muslims are deeply loved by God and deserve to know the truth [about our faith and not some culturally corrupted and compromised version it.]"


Could any of us said it better ourselves? 


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