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Focus Featured in The New York Times

  • Jim Daly Jim Daly is president and chief executive officer of Focus on the Family, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping families thrive.
  • 2013 Mar 12

Saturday’s print edition of The New York Times featured an exclusive profile on Focus on the Family. You can access the piece by clicking here.   

As I’ve shared countless times on the radio, I believe it’s our responsibility as Christians to be willing to go wherever the Lord leads us. For me this includes being willing to talk with anyone at any time about anything. It stems from my heart for evangelism and my desire to share the good news of the Gospel with those who do not know Him.

So, my willingness to talk with The New York Times is a reflection of that passion. As you well know, if you’re the subject of a story, you can’t control or dictate what the press writes or says about you. What you can do is pray, do your best and trust the Lord will honor the sincerity of effort. In this instance,  I believe we received fair treatment.

As you’ll see from the article, the centerpiece of the story was an event that I participated in at the University of Colorado-Colorado Springs. (The photo to the left was taken at the event. I am sitting with Dr. Jeffrey Scholes, professor of religion and philopsophy.)  The mood in the auditorium was, indeed, spirited, and I enjoyed the opportunity to talk with students, many of whom strongly disagreed with my unequivocal support of traditional marriage and the sanctity of life.

In the article you’ll also note a quote from a gentleman with the Southern Poverty Law Center suggesting that we’re motivated by the swing of public opinion. Nothing could further from the truth. We’re not moved by the tone or tenor of the times. Our behavior is informed and shaped by the timeless Gospel of Jesus Christ!

One last thing: I want to share with you “the rest of the story” that’s not printed in the Times.

One of the students in attendance that night was the daughter of a Focus on the Family team member. She told her mom that later that night she came upon several of her classmates huddled together in the dorm talking about the event I had participated in. They were in tears and she wanted to know why. They told her they were longing for a family that showed love and concern for them.  They talked about Jesus and what it means to be a Christian. 

That’s the exact reason those of us here at Focus are so eager to expand our outreach and engage those who do not know the true Hope of the world!


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