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Tim Tebow's "Strange" Priority

  • Jim Daly Jim Daly is president and chief executive officer of Focus on the Family, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping families thrive.
  • 2011 Jun 09

Posted by Jim_Daly Jun 8, 2011






Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow is out this week promoting his new book, Through My Eyes, an inspiring memoir about his faith, life and, oh yeah, football, too.

The former Florida Heisman Trophy winner's philosophy is wonderfully simple:

Live pure. Work hard. Leave the rest to God.

Many of you are aware that Tim and his mother, Pam, starred in Focus on the Family's Super Bowl commercial last year. Pam's decision to defy doctor's orders and carry Tim to term is a dramatic story and one that has inspired other women to reevaluate the wonder and beauty of preborn life. As he prepares to begin his second year in the NFL, the 23-year-old continues to be a constant topic of conversation in the sports media here, with many belittling him for his faith and decision to maintain his virginity until marriage.

Tim was here in Colorado Springs this past weekend signing books. I was out camping with the family and missed seeing him, but his media tour is now in high gear. Interviewers appear genuinely intrigued by the young star. But the other night on the O'Reilly Factor, Tim said something that's created a bit of a buzz here in Colorado, especially within Broncos Nation.

Speaking about last season, Tim told Bill the following:

"My No. 1 focus was on my foundation, the Tim Tebow Foundation, to bring faith, hope and love to those needing a brighter day in the darkest hour of need."

"Shouldn't Tim Tebow's number one priority be the Denver Broncos?" asked one sports talk show host here in Denver. The phones lit up.

Most callers to the Broncos flagship radio station, Denver's 850 KOA, expressed support for the quarterback, with one gentleman suggesting he'd rather Tim's top priority be his foundation rather than the typical priorities of an NFL player -- bling, bars and out-of-wedlock births.


I think most of us understand that Tim isn't suggesting that his career with the Broncos is a part-time endeavor. He's committed to the team and will give 100% to the task at hand. Tim's level of commitment and dedication is astounding. I'll take his effort any day. And besides, we know Tim wasn't speaking literally in this instance, anyway, for no other reason than that he has long said the Lord, not his foundation, is really his top priority. But Tim is getting at a very key and important thing. There is more to life than football, and frankly, it's refreshing to hear a football star say so.

But let me ask you:

Would your boss be upset if you told him or her that your job wasn't your top priority? If they would, I might suggest that you start looking for another job. Personally, I wouldn't want to work for anyone who thinks a job is more important than my faith and my family.

Most importantly, how are you prioritizing your life? It's easy to say that you're putting God and then your family at the top of your list, but would your spouse and kids agree? Do your actions reflect your words?

Summer officially begins in two weeks. Before your schedule gets away from you, plan some time off to spend with the family. It doesn't have to be a two-week trip to Disneyland. Home can be the happiest place on earth.

But getting back to our favorite quarterback, does Tim’s comment strike you as refreshingly "strange" when compared with today's cultural norms? What are your thoughts on Tim Tebow?

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