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Conservative Christians: Quit Screaming. Liberal Christians: Quit Drinking So Much Wine.

The day after Change Your Views Day

I just put up a sweet Tweet: "Too many conservative Christians' lives are too limited; too many liberal Christians too readily dismiss fundamentalism."

Ahh, quoting yourself. Is there a surer sign it's time to swallow a bug bomb?

But the point is that I'm exhausted with conservative Christians thinking liberal Christians wouldn't know God's will from a venti soy caramel latte with extra foam, and with liberal Christians thinking conservative Christians are inbred morons.

Christians should have a national Reverse Your Views Day. On it conservative Christians would appreciate the righteousness of God's unconditional love universally applied to virtually everyone; they would feel for themselves the Spirit-smothering oppression of too many rules, too much judgment too fervently applied, the important differences between The Good News and Fox News.

Likewise, on Reverse Your Views Day liberal Christians would appreciate what it's like to actually have a conviction. They'd experience the liberating clarity of knowing exactly who God is and what He wants, the release of full obedience. On that day liberals would understand the Bible as God's word, instead of history's toy. They'd stop guessing the vintage of the communal wine.

The next day conservatives could again take up their signs and bullhorns, and liberals could resignedly shake their heads and turn up the volume in their Volvos as they drive by.

And God could go back to wondering whether creating people was such a good idea after all.

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