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Does God REALLY Answer My Questions?

By way of commenting on yesterday's I Don't Let Go; I Don't Let God, a reader named Claudia wrote in to ask: "What I really want to know is: If you do ask Him something, does He answer? I'm not talking big-special-effects-budget, voice-from-the-sky type of answer. Someone once described it as 'a still small voice' (and yes, I do know that comes out of the Bible). Really? Is God really there, and does He really answer, even if only in your own heart/mind? The possibility is astounding to me."

First, Claudia, thanks for your respectful capital H's. It's easy enough for non-Christians to deride Christians (as in this typically obnoxious comment from yesterday), so ... way to be nice!

Secondly: Yes! Be astounded! Because without the slightest equivocation I can say that God does indeed answer any and every question I ever ask of him. And His answers are always extremely clear---it's never a waffling, open-to-interpretation sort of deal; it's always a very firm, very clear directive. Half the time, it's an answer I hadn't even considered before that then seems so obvious it's practically embarrassing.

One weird/great thing is that God's answers to my questions always come immediately, too. I'm forever going, "Dear God. I've got this problem. You see, I---oh! Cool! Thanks!"

I once wrote a bit more deeply about how God answers questions via my post  When God Makes 2 + 2 = 5.

I don't know if it's true for you, but I know that for a lot of non-Christians, "God answers my questions," sounds just like, "I'm a delusional dink." All I can ever say to that is ... whatever. Turning to God for critical input works like (literally) nothing in this world. In that very important sense God is as real as the computer I'm using and the chair I'm sitting on. The fact that God so invariably, clearly, and immediately answers my most difficult questions is, in fact, one of the great and enduring ways that he regularly lets me know just how very, very real he is.

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