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My Weird Fixation On What People Read at Night

When it comes to people, I'm Joe Extremely Nosey; the only superpower I've ever craved is the ability to secretly listen in on people's conversations. But do I care what anyone has hidden in their sock drawer, or whether they're having an affair, or anything of that sort? No; that stuff bores me. What I'm basically insane about knowing is what people read in their bed at night before they fall asleep. When I used to babysit people's kids, or even today if I'm in someone's house or apartment, I couldn't/can't stop myself from totally checking out the reading material on their bed-stand. If I'm at someone's house for the first time, I always have to stop myself from going, "Hi, nice to meet you. Thanks for having us over"---and then totally dashing into their bedroom to see what they're reading at night.

I'd rather know what someone reads at night before sleeping than I would almost anything else about them. It just fascinates me.

So, what the heck; let me ask: What is on your bed-stand right now? And before you go to sleep, do you (as I do) tend to read the same book or books over and over again? In other words, do you always have the same book or books on your nightstand, or does it vary? Do you read a particular type or genre of book, or have a favorite author you read, or do you read magazines ... or what?

C'mon. Share with Shore. What's on your bed-stand right now??

I can't believe how eager I am to read what anyone answers. I should probably seek help.

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