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The Ground Zero Mosque: "No" Means Crazy Wins. The Heck with That.

I've been happy not to take the time to sink deeply into myself to discover how, if I were King of the World, I would decide the question of whether or not to build the Ground Zero mosque, since: (a) Why bother? and (b) Who cares what I think? Plus, whenever I imagine myself King of the World, I always end up thinking about what my crown would look like. I'd want something stunningly regal, but not be too heavy. Nobody wants their king having to wear a neck brace every time he issues an edict. And I'd issue lots and lots of edicts, so that'd be a concern. I'd want a crown that's impressive, yet sporty. Maybe something along the line of a king baseball cap. With a big red "K" on it.

Anyway, see? This is why I never tackle big issues.

That said: if I personally had to decide on whether or not to build the proposed near-Ground Zero mosque, and had no more information about the issue beyond what I know of it right now, I personally, as King of the World, would build that thing so fast it'd be up in a week.

I have issues with crazy. I hate crazy like I hate nothing else in this world.

I think not building the mosque at Ground Zero is handing crazy a win.

If insane Christians, in the name of Christianity, killed three-thousand people in a building somewhere, I'd crave a huge Christian church as near as possible to the site of that tragedy. I'd want that declaration; I'd want the final word in that way to be, "This is who we are. This is how we live. This is what we stand for. We are honorable."

I can't deny someone else what I would want for myself.

Love your neighbor as yourself, and all that.


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