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What Christians and Darwinists Agree On--And Are Both Wrong About

An accepted truth that informs a great deal of the way about which Christianity has always been thought is that one of the major indicators of how far man has fallen from God's pre-Eden state of grace is that men possess a "depraved" sexuality. What's usually meant by that is that if any given man were free to do as he truly pleases, he would have as much sex as possible with as many women as possible. Without the constricting principles of God's law as revealed in the Bible, runs the idea, man would lose control of himself, go animal crazy, and start sleeping with anything that moves.

Darwinists agree! Usually not about the Bible part, of course, but definitely with the part about men being dogs. Where Christians see "fallen man" as the cause of men's roverosity, Darwinists see the phenomenon of "sexual selection." But it's just a different diagnosis for the same illness.

Ahh.... Self-loathing: Bringing people together since 1859.

I hereby declare that the whole "Natural Man is a Dog" theory is nonsense. If history has taught us anything at all, it's that in this world men---and certainly men as a group---have the power to do anything they want. If men wanted to have unfettered sex with as many women as possible, that's exactly what men would do. But that's not what the overwhelming majority of men do, is it? Instead, the typical man chooses one woman, and settles down with her. And that's because, in both the Darwinian and religious/morality sense, that's what works best. Long-term monogamy---which is to say settling down with one partner and raising a family---is the most effective way to keep our species alive and to bring man the emotional and spiritual contentment he invariably seeks. That's why we do it. It's what's best for our primal bodies and our spiritual selves, and we know it.

We men can pretend that we'd like to be out there sleeping with untold numbers of women; we can imagine it so fervently and often that we can actually talk ourselves into believing that's what we really want to do. But it's not. Men like to imagine themselves struggling mightily against the ties that bind them. But let those ties be cut, and as sure as drive follows desire a man will do what he can to settle right back down with one woman, because he knows that's his best chance for the most happiness.

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