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Got Answers? Good, 'Cause The Adjustment Bureau Has Questions

With a tagline encouraging moviegoers to "fight your fate," The Adjustment Bureau, Universal Pictures' new romantic thriller starring Matt Damon and Emily Blunt, is asking some big questions:

Is life a predetermined plan or does free will guide our paths?

Are we products of fate or of our own decisions?

And who—or what—is really in charge of our lives anyway?

A budding politician (Damon) and his new love (Blunt) want to know, as they run for their lives and toward the life they hope to have together. But those mysterious men in trench coats and hats (The Adjustment Bureau) and their fearless, unseen leader ("the chairman") keep getting in the way and making their scary "adjustments."

The Adjustment Bureau, which opens in wide release this Friday, March 4, 2011, doesn't offer definitive answers to any of the existential questions that it asks. And according to director-screenwriter George Nolfi, it was never intended to be a religious film in the first place nor one that points to any one system of belief. But it will get you thinking about what you believe when it comes to the meaning of life and what—or Who—is in charge of your destiny.

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