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Idol Chatter

AN EDITOR’S "EDITOR’S NOTE":  The following instant-message conversation may or may not have taken place during business hours with a co-worker and may or may not involve discussion of American Idol Season 7, which may or may not be the best reality TV show ever. 

Opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect the opinions of this site’s management.  Read at your own risk, at your own entertainment, at your own amusement.  And or agreement.  And or disagreement.   

Laura Mac says:  Hey, buddy!

Chad says:  Hey.

Laura Mac says:  Working hard?

Chad says:  As always.  Solitaire, Facebook, etc.

Laura Mac says:  Nice.

Laura Mac says:  Hey, are you watching American Idol this season?

Chad says:  Absolutely.  Tuesdays and Wednesdays are the new weekend.  I don't miss a minute.

Laura Mac says:  So what do you think after last week's cut?  I forget who got the ax.  Oh, right.  Chikezie.  Seemed like a nice guy.

Chad says:  I agree.  It's tough at this point.  Even though I know that someone has to go, I'm still disappointed.  The problem when you get to this stage of the competition is that with the exception of a few standouts, pretty much everyone deserves to be there.  There isn't an obvious "loser".  I liked Chikezie.  He started the competition rough, but I actually think he has been one of the most entertaining contestants for the last 3 weeks.

Chad says:  But someone has to go, and I don't think his departure was a shocker on the level of a "Daughtry."

Laura Mac says:  Yeah, agreed.  Not a shock.  But I DO have to call him out on the whole "reaching out to touch girls' hands in the audience" thing ... THAT was a little cheesy, Chikezie.

Laura Mac says:  I mean, he's not Elvis.  Come on.

Chad says:  There is a lot about Chikezie that was seriously cheesy.

Laura Mac says:  Okay ... so what about who's left now.  Anyone stand out to you?

Laura Mac says:  You have nine contestants left to choose from.

Chad says:  Well, David Cook is the obvious stand out right now.  I admit I didn't like him early on.  I wanted to see him voted off early.  So - I'm an idiot.  He continues to blow me away.  He is this season's Chris Daughtry/Carrie Underwood.  As an artist, I think Brooke is in a class of her own.

Chad says:  I still think David Archuleta and Carly Smithson are overrated.  But, the biggest disappoint so far has been Michael Johns.  I really thought he would be the one to beat, but he has yet to have "that  moment" (although last week was close).

Laura Mac says:  Well ... I agree on David Cook.  DC is the man.  I am a fan.  A "cookie" or a "cooker" or whatever his fans are called.  I mean anyone who can rock out an '80s pop tune or ballad is genius in my book.

Laura Mac says:  Brooke is okay.  I think she's not one that will connect with everyone, though.  I can't see everyone racing out to buy her record.

Chad says:  "Hello" was nothing short of brilliant.

Laura Mac says:  TRULY!

Laura Mac says:  I agree on the David A. thing.  He is overrated.  Sweet, but too sweet.  Like saccharine.

Laura Mac says:  Carly, I don't know, man.  I think she could be a contender.  The Irish accent and the tattoos could be gimmicky, though.  People might tire of her.

Laura Mac says:  Michael Johns ... to me he's forgettable.  Not awful, by any stretch.  But there's nothing to make me really remember him.  Or want to remember him.

Chad says:  I hate to sound shallow, but Carly may be the worst dressed AI contestant ever, which I don't understand.  Tuesdays, I'm constantly wondering why they don't supply their dressing rooms with mirrors.  But then, for the results show she typically looks fine.  I think she is trying too hard.  I also wonder if her past record contract and failure will catch up to her.  I'm one of those folks who feel like she has had her chance.  With Michael, it might just be the Aussie accent.  My wife asks me to rewind the interviews rather than the singing.  Don't underestimate the power of the swoon.

Laura Mac says:  Yeah.  The accent IS dreamy.  Okay, so who do you think is going to go home this week?  I pick either the Kristy chica or the guy with the dreads.  Snooze on both counts. 

Chad says:  I've become convinced Kristy is invincible.  Not only will she win this season, she will be elected president in November in a landslide.

Laura Mac says:  Oh please.

Chad says:  Anyway …

Chad says:  This week I think Syesha and Ramiele are in trouble.  Syesha had a great performance last week, but has failed to really connect with America.  Ramiele has also been struggling.  I predict (barring an amazing performance, of course) that it catches up with her.  Even though Kristy had her first week not in the bottom three, she will return there this week.  I predict Syesha goes home.

Laura Mac says:  Yeah.  Maybe so.  Hey, also don't forget that Dolly Parton will be a guest artist this week.  THAT should be interesting.

Chad says:  I don't get the Dolly Parton thing - never have.

Laura Mac says:  Well ... she has a sweet spirit.

Chad says:  I much prefer the Kelly Pickler version of Dolly Parton (who I thought was fantastic 2 weeks ago).

Laura Mac says:  Well, we'll have to see how Dolly Parton personified actually fares this week.

Laura Mac says:  I'll check back w/you on Thursday ... after this week's cut.  Sound good?

Chad says:  I can't wait.

Laura Mac says:  Seriously, what did we do on Tuesdays and Wednesdays before AI?

Chad says:  Spent time with our kids.  Thankfully, we don't have to do that anymore.  See ya.

Laura Mac says:  Ha ha.  I know you’re kidding.  Okay, rock on with Solitaire.  And say hi to Tom on Facebook for me.  What a great boss.