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Idol Chatter: Competition or Conspiracy?

EDITOR’S “EDITOR’S NOTE”:  Is the truth really out there?  Coworker Chad and I are beginning to wonder.  Seriously.  Especially after last night’s strange performances (classics from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame) and the judges’ corresponding, conveniently too-harsh or not-too-harsh comments.  Read more from our regular, morning-after-the-performances American Idol Season 7 chat.

Laura Mac says:  Hey, friend.

Chad says:  Hola.

Laura Mac says:  Okay, after last night's "Rock & Roll Hall of LAME" performances, I'm thinking that American Idol is now officially a conspiracy.  An Archuleta Conspiracy, if you will.

Chad says:  I can't disagree with you.  I think that David A. has somehow hypnotized the judges.  Randy's constant gushing is now as predictable as Archuleta singing a slow, emotional song.

Chad says:  Either way, I am convinced after last night that there is no way David A. doesn't win this. 

Laura Mac says:  Yeah.  It feels like it is a done deal.  And I was really saddened that it seems like Simon has now officially finished his cup of Kool-Aid, too.  I just can't believe it.

Chad says:  It is surely a sign of the end times.

Laura Mac says:  We're counting on Simon to say what we're thinking.  And now he's sold out.  For the love ...

Chad says:  I don't know what to say.  Maybe I'm being too hard on Archuleta.  I fully admit he has a good voice, even a great voice.  It's just that his singing has so little personality.  I expect him to be a huge hit in the "elevator music" genre.

Laura Mac says:  Yes.  I think he'll pull from the Josh Groban and Clay Aiken fan bin (which I think you've said before).  But back to conspiracy ... I have a theory about Syesha now. 

Chad says:  I can't wait.

Laura Mac says:  I think she was milking the crying last night.  BIG TIME.  I didn't buy it for a minute that the tears were genuine ... AT ALL.  I think she cranked 'em out for the sympathy vote and so maybe she could cancel out some Castro.  He did so poorly that I think she needed something to make her seem more of a sad case than he is/was.  What do you think?

Chad says:  Well, I don't think Castro could have done worse if he were trying to get the boot, but more on that in a bit.  I think you are right on the money RE Syesha.  She's probably picked up on what we and others have been saying for a while.  She is technically great, but she fails to connect on a personal level with the public.  She was probably trying to change that.  However …

Chad says:  I think last night could really, really backfire on her.  At least it should.  She repeatedly went on and on about how that song ["A Change Is Gonna Come"] was released during the civil rights movement and she now really connects with it on a whole new level.  I'm sorry, but being in the bottom three on American Idol is HARDLY the same thing as the civil rights movement.  If almost getting voted off helps you connect to the meaning of that song in a deeper way, then you have no idea what that movement was about.

Laura Mac says:  Well, I’m sure the studio for Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader? isn't too far away.  Probably just a short walk across the FOX lot. 

Chad says:  Whoa.

Laura Mac says:  But seriously.  COME ON.  I'm having a hard time believing anything on AI right now.  Especially after Paula's snafu last week ... judging Castro on his second song BEFORE he even performed it LIVE on the show.  How planned are the judges’ comments?  And are they based on just the rehearsals? 

Chad says:  Yeah, it does seem like there is a serious attempt being made to get the "right people" in to the finals.  I was a little surprised by the ferocity of the judges’ reactions to Jason.  I mean, overall the night was a disaster for him, but I didn't think the first song was quite as bad as they made it sound.  I expected Simon to rush the stage with his chair and beat him with it.  It's pretty clear they want Jason gone.

Laura Mac says:  Well, I think they could also be messing w/our minds RE the popularity of Archuleta.  What if his votes are lower than what Cook and Castro are getting? 

Laura Mac says:  Think about it.  And, by controlling what the judges say to each contestant, FOX can control the perception (to an extent) of the viewers.  And thusly affect how they will vote or not vote for the various contestants. 

Laura Mac says:  I think it's possible.  And I'm not trying to go all X-Files on you, but I really think something could be going on.

Laura Mac says:  Stir up an Archuleta frenzy, and the kids will vote.  Skewer a dreadlocked dude and maybe his fans will vote back with a vengeance.

Laura Mac says:  So maybe by doing that, they will build up the finale between Archuleta and whoever else is truly getting the most votes right now (Castro?).  And that's how they get some good (and better, since AI's not doing well this season) ratings.

Laura Mac says:  And maybe Archuleta won't win after all.

Chad says:  I can't tell you how much I hope you are right.  There's no doubt that American Idol has an interest in steering the direction of the show.  There are two things that make me think David A. really is as popular as we think.  1)  He has never been in the bottom three.  Historically, that's not an easy thing to do.  2)  The roar from the audience when he took the stage last night blew the other contestants away.  That was when I resigned myself to the fact that he is a juggernaut that cannot be stopped.

Chad says:  But I hope I'm wrong on that

Laura Mac says:  Well.  I'll just say this.  I wouldn’t be surprised if David Cook goes home tonight.  It will be another "shocker" and get people talking about AI again and bring in more viewers.  I think it's highly possible.  Besides, didn't Daughtry get booted when there were only four contestants left?

Chad says:  Yes.  This was the week that Daughtry went home.  My normal prediction is that Syesha will go home.  So far, she's done a great job at showing how little I know.  I thought Jason Castro was another contestant that had way too strong a following.  But after last night, I don't know.  I'd be really surprised if it isn't his night.

Chad says:  Of course, now that I finally pick someone other than Syesha I figure it will probably be her.

Laura Mac says:  Anything else you want to say RE last night?  I thought the performances, for the most part, were lame.  Poor song selections across the board.  Even Cook didn't wow me.  He's was just okay.

Chad says: My thoughts exactly.  I'd only add this - this is the single strangest season of Idol I can recall. 

Laura Mac says:  I blame global warming.

Chad says:  Amen.

Laura Mac says:  Better get back to work and knock out some things on our to-do lists.  This will surely help offset the potentially negative effects of chat-intensive moments like this and make for a more efficient, chat-neutral workplace.

Chad says:  And that's what the world really needs after all.

Chad says:  Talk to you tomorrow

Laura Mac says:  Peace and chai tea.