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Idol Chatter: Jason Castro Cast Out

EDITOR’S “EDITOR’S NOTE”:  “Do the right thing.”  That’s what American Idol Season 7 voters FINALLY did last night, when Jason Castro was eliminated from the competition.  See what Coworker Chad and I have to say about that, as well as who we think will be the last ones standing in the finale.

Laura Mac says:  What up, my brotha?

Chad says:  Not much.  Just getting over my shock from last night's American Idol.  I'm shocked that it actually went down exactly how it should have gone down.

Laura Mac says:  I know.  But ... putting back on my conspiracy theory hat from our last chat ... the judges' efforts to oust Jason Castro seemed to have worked, too.  But maybe they were being completely honest. 

Laura Mac says:  And no, I did NOT just watch the JFK movie, thank you very little.  And that's all I'll say about that.

Chad says:  LOL.  I just want to make sure you've been taking your meds.  All this conspiracy theory stuff.  But I do think they pulled out the stops to keep Jason out of the top three.  They recognized the fact, I think, that a Jason Castro in the finals would have been a disaster for ratings.  You have to have some credibility at the end.

Laura Mac says:  So maybe it really will be a David y David matchup.  Ya think?

Chad says:  I do, and I actually have some hope after last night that David Archuleta is vulnerable.  Did you catch the fact that the top three were separated by only 1 million votes?  That means it's possible that David Cook could beat Archuleta.

Laura Mac says:  Yes.  I did catch that.  And I also caught Paula Abdul groovin' to some Bo Bice and Ryan Seacrest groovin' to some Maroon 5.

Chad says:  It was good to see Bo Bice again and see him doing his thing.  I don't know if it will sell records, but it was fun to watch.  I love Maroon 5, but I'm not a huge fan of their new release.

Laura Mac says:  Yeah.  Ditto on Bo, despite the hair.  And then M-5 ... well, at least they have rhythm.

Laura Mac says:  Okay, so looking to the near future.  Do you think Syesha will finally be the one to go next week?

Chad says:  Considering the information we have on the closeness of the vote this week, I think it will depend.  I think if she pulls off a great performance she has a very realistic shot at making the finals.  Good news - regardless of who makes it to the finals, there isn't anyone left that absolutely doesn't deserve to be there.

Chad says:  But all things being equal, I think it is most likely that we will see a battle of the Davids.

Laura Mac says:  It's kind of like this generation's battle between Barry Manilow and Bruce Springsteen.  Vastly different styles.  And, I'm sure, vastly different fan bases.  Fanilows vs. Bossies.

Chad says:  Well said.

Laura Mac says:  I haven't heard anything on what next week's theme will be.  Have you?  I only know that the contestants have to perform three songs each.

Chad says:  No, and I can't recall how they handled it in previous seasons.  Do they do a theme the second to last week or do they give contestants a little more freedom?  Maybe someone else remembers and will remind us.

Laura Mac says:  You know ... my mind is like a pop-cultured sieve right now, so I'm not too sure about that.  So yes, readers, please help your bro and sis out.

Laura Mac says:  Until next week, I'm going to try and find my AI spirit again, 'cause I'm "all out of love" and just not feelin' it right now. 

Chad says:  I'll pray for you.

Laura Mac says:  Please do.  I think maybe some time in the Psalms will help, too.

Laura Mac says:  Selah.

Chad says:  Shalom.