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Listen While You Work

Some days, depending on the circumstances, I’m able to “listen while I work.”  Now that’s not to be confused with “whistle while you work. …”  Or any short, little bearded men who might be doing so.

You see, I enjoy listening to a number of ministry broadcasts on’s sister site,  I love going to “virtual church” like this whenever I can and having access to on-demand, solid biblical teaching at the click of a mouse.  It’s the beauty of the Internet, is it not?  And it's genius that you only have to go to "one place" to hear all of this great teaching.  

Some of my favorite programs are Focus on the Family, Pathway to VictoryGrace to You and Desiring God.  And today, I have a new favorite:  Enduring Truth.

Now I had never heard of ET or Dr. Paul Sheppard (“Pastor Paul”) before, until my friend suggested I listen to his recent two-part series from the book of Ruth:  “When Diligence Meets Destiny.” 

To sum it up:  God does His part.  But we have to do ours.  God is sovereign, and man is responsible. 

I highly recommend this series to anyone who may feel a little cranky today.  To anyone who is not content with where God has called you in this season of your life.  To anyone who wants to see God’s best take place in your life. 

Perhaps you feel like you’re waiting on God.  Well, the truth is … God is waiting on youYou have to marry diligence with destiny.

To listen to what Pastor Paul has to say, take your mouse and click here.