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More Idol Chatter

EDITOR’S “EDITOR’S NOTE”:  Another day.  Another instant-message conversation with a coworker during business hours about American Idol Season 7.  But let's remember that technically we were “on a break.”

Laura Mac says:  What up, dawg!

Chad says:  Dawg, Dawg, how you feelin’ man.  What's up?  What's up?

Laura Mac says:  Alright, alright. 

Laura Mac says:  So ... you called it on Ramiele going bye-bye.

Laura Mac says:  Did you watch American Idol last night?

Chad says:  Of course.  I wouldn't miss it.

Chad says:  And I got two out of three on the bottom three, but I was shocked to see Brooke on the stools.

Laura Mac says:  Yeah, you did.  Well ... her time is coming, and she knows it (since she had her little name card with her for the stool). 

Laura Mac says:  Okay, well.  I must say that I teared up a bit seeing Ramiele cry.  But I think America got it right in giving her the boot.

Chad says:  Yeah, as likable as she is I don't think she was a real contender and I don't think there is anyone that’s surprised to see her go.  She definitely had moments where she shined, but they never seemed to come together.

Laura Mac says:  Speaking of shining ... how about Michael Johns the other night?  He was smoking!

Chad says:  That is exactly the word I've been using.  That was FINALLY his moment.  The only thing that could have made that better was a song that anyone recognized.  But yes, as Randy would say, "We got a HOT one tonight!"

Chad says:  He really blew me away.

Laura Mac says:  Yeah, who knew a Dolly Parton song could go blues?

Chad says:  There were a lot of things about Dolly Parton week that came as a surprise.  For example, who knew Dolly could do such a convincing impersonation of a train wreck?

Laura Mac says:  I KNOW!  What was her deal last night?  Maybe it was better to just let the contestants sing her tunes. 

Chad says:  I have never been so thankful for a commercial break.

Laura Mac says:  LOL

Laura Mac says:  Well, I have to say that there were two other performances I enjoyed the other night.  For one, Carly Smithson. 

Laura Mac says:  I disagree with what Simon said.  I thought she did a great job, despite the wardrobe choice.

Chad says:  I think Simon read your blog.  He's right on the money regarding the wardrobe decisions, but there is no doubt the girl can sing.

Chad says:  But there is something about her that still doesn't connect for me.

Laura Mac says:  Well, we'll see.  I think America will vote her all the way to the final two.  That's my prediction.  And speaking of the final two ...

Laura Mac says:  I think that I'm still "Hook'd on Cook."

Laura Mac says:  I enjoyed David's "Little Sparrow" ditty, and I really do think he's unstoppable at this point.

Chad says:  If he doesn't win, I'm moving to Canada.

Chad says:  Where they know how to do American Idol.

Laura Mac says:  And maple syrup.

Chad says:  I love real maple syrup!  Mmmm.

Chad says:  Seriously, he's completely won me over.  He is clearly the best contestant this year.

Laura Mac says:  Yeah.  I like his quirkiness.  And his honesty when he answers the viewer questions.

Chad says:  The contestant that I've finally turned a corner on is David Archuletta.  I'm evolved from fan to the point where I can't stand him.  He has performed the same song every week.  Different words and different notes, but the same sappy, sentimental, "I'm moved to tears by this song’s message" song.

Laura Mac says:  Only the strong will survive.  And he's about to get fed to the sharks, methinks.  Sweetness and smiles can only take you so far. 

Laura Mac says:  You have to growl and sneer.

Laura Mac says:  And maybe grimace.

Chad says:  I did love it when he forgot the words though.  But compare him to David C.  David C. is always himself, but he shows different sides, ranges, etc.  But David A. is always the same.

Laura Mac says:  Some people like Vanilla.  Others like Neapolitan.

Laura Mac says:  Annnnnyway ...

Laura Mac says:  Next week, I think it's the "Idol Gives Back" concert.

Chad says:  Should be good.  I have my credit card ready.

Laura Mac says:  Yeah, I've got one of your credit cards ready, too. 

Chad says:  Funny.

Laura Mac says:  Hey, did you hear that Snoop Dogg is supposed to be performing??????

Laura Mac says:  What is up with that?

Chad says:  That will be the point when I refill the popcorn.

Laura Mac says:  Or touch up your pedicure.

Laura Mac says:  I'm just sayin ...

Laura Mac says:  It's spring and time for sandals.

Chad says:  You convinced me.

Laura Mac says:  Okay, well ... let's check back in next week and at least critique the benefit show.  I guess the competition returns the week after that.

Chad says:  I can't wait.

Chad says:  See ya later.

Laura Mac says:  You got it.  And remember what Ryan Seacrest's hero, Casey Kasem, used to say ... 

Laura Mac says:  Keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars!!!

Chad says:  I thought it was, “Where is my hair spray?”

Laura Mac says:  Okay, maybe that, too.

Laura Mac says:  Peace out.

Chad says:  Later.