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So You Think You Can Dance: So Long Susie and Marquis!

BLOGGER’S NOTE:  Susie Garcia and Marquis Cunningham were eliminated on last night’s So You Think You Can Dance.  Coworker Jayson (substitute-chatting for Coworker Chad) and I discuss the judges’ decision, as well as the "flamencocity" of Timo Nunez—the guest dance performer who just happens to specialize in Flamenco dance, in boots with excessive heel height and in open vests.  But not necessarily in that order.

Laura Mac says:  Got time to chat about So You Think You Can Dance?

Jayson says:  But of course!

Laura Mac says:  Splendid!  Well, I initially thought I wasn't emotionally tied to Susie and Marquis.  But I must confess:  I teared up last night when each was eliminated. 

Jayson says:  I thought it was also an upsetting elimination.  Didn't quite tear up.  But yes, I don't think they should have been the ones … especially Marquis.

Laura Mac says:  He may have his "tricks" that he uses in his dancing, but he IS good.  After the solo performances, I really thought that Chris should have been the guy to go home.  He really squeaked by this week.

Jayson says:  Agreed.  I think Marquis was definitely the better technical dancer, and therefore should have stayed.

Jayson says:  Poor Susie just did not use the stage when dancing for her life.  And that on top of her last performance, I think, led to her downfall.  But I must say she really did have that one great move from her partner's shoulders during that salsa bit.  Very impressive!

Laura Mac says:  Yes.  I gasped when that happened.  Marquis just whipped her around and somehow she landed just right.  Whew. 

Laura Mac says:  Speaking of gasping ...

Laura Mac says:  I didn't really know what to do with guest dancer Timo Nunez's Flamenco performance.  It kind of scared me a bit.  I don't think I'm a Flamenco fan.  AT ALL.

Jayson says:  Yeah … sweaty, no-shirt guy was not my bag either. Not much of a Flamenco fan myself.  But if ever I needed to crush a bunch of bugs in one room, I'd definitely give him a call.  Impressive stomping!

Laura Mac says:  I'm sure he could give the Orkin Man a run for his money. 

Jayson says:  Indeed.

Jayson says:  I actually really did not care for any of the special guest performances.  Come on FOX you can do better!

Laura Mac says:  Well ... there's always next week.  Maybe Snoop Dogg.  Maybe Charo.  I predict:  "Something wacky this way will come."

Jayson says:  We can only hope!

Jayson says:  I really have to hand it out there and give a shout out to the Snuggle Bear … that plushy's got moves!

Laura Mac says:  Uh ... yeah.  Okay, anything else worth mentioning from last night's elimination show?

Jayson says:  Besides Nigel's Incredible Hulk impression (such obvious movie advertising), I think we've hit all the goods.  Let's hope next week is more promising.  I'll be watching!

Laura Mac says:  Yeah, that green superimposed on his face was a little blatant.  Okay, we'll see what the remaining 16 contestants can do next week.  And if Coworker Chad doesn't make it back from collecting bugs in the Amazon (or whatever he’s doing), then I'll look you up.  Sound good?

Jayson says:  Most def.

Jayson says:  You take care.

Laura Mac says:  You, too.  Peace and pas de deux!

Jayson says:  Peace out!