Mark Daniels Christian Blog and Commentary

Capping the Sewer

As more local television stations pull it off the air, and advertisers continue to cancel their support, I'm sure the producers of NBC's "The Book of Daniel" can foresee its future. Soon, this latest Jesus-mocking entertainment will join "The Last Temptation of Christ" and "The Pope Must Die(t)" in the cutout bin of the local dollar store. Any outlets that continue to run the show will deal with complaints by reminding viewers that "our stations do more for the community than anyone else." But no amount of good deeds can make up for all the bad programming they dump into that same community every day of the year. Offering methadone is hardly heroic, when you continue to deal the smack.

If you're a Christian, and you continue choosing to consume such stuff, you are similarly deceived. It's a dangerous notion most believers have: that somehow, we can drink from the firehose of filth that is our modern culture every day, then wash it all away with a sip of Scripture on Sunday. That's nothing short of spiritual suicide. It's true today especially, but always has been; if you're not praying continualIy, and feasting on God's Word whenever you can, you're toast.

I'm finally beginning to realize that I'm not strong enough to soak myself daily in this culture, and still live a Godly life. Certainly, such is not what Scripture dictates.* That’s why my Christian CDs, my Bible, and my Christian radio station are my lifelines. Honestly--I can't get enough of God's Word these days. I need every jot and tittle, just to help create a barrier around my heart and mind that the enemy can’t penetrate. Our defeated foe is sensing his imminent demise. He's furiously creating new ways to "get at" Christians every day...trying to invalidate our testimony...working to turn us away from God. 

Have we forgotten that we are called to be dead to all the garbage of this world--crucified with Christ--dependent on Him for everything, even our next breath? Radio, TV, the internet--they're pushing the envelope farther and farther--because the "entertainment industry" moguls realize that those who are addicted to the stuff need a bigger "high" every day, or they'll tune away. Our adversary has deceived most every believer into thinking that we can walk in raw sewage all week, and somehow shower it all away with a sermon, 3 hymns, and a praise chorus on Sunday.

But I'm here to tell you that it's a lie. You can't have it both ways. You cannot spend your mornings with Howard Stern, and your evenings with Billy more than you’d want to take your Boy Scout troop for a camping trip on "Brokeback Mountain." You need to make a choice. Find that good, solid teaching that's on your local Christian station right now, and drink deeply. Sing to the Lord a new song, and pop it in your CD player. And whenever possible, simply turn off the TV, radio, computer, iPod, whatever...and just feast on God’s Word, right from the Bible. Make sure your family is there with you around God's table, too. For it's not just a good choice. It's the only way you can be sure that the beast who roams to and fro...seeking whom he might devour...will be forced to look elsewhere for his next meal.