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Let Freedom Ring

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice shared a few stirring and important words with the Southern Baptist Convention recently. The Secretary reminded her audience that "people everywhere are entitled to religious liberty," and that "government simply has no right to stand between the individual, and the Almighty." Truly American statements.


We need more of such rhetoric on the global stage, and most especially here at home! Freedom and liberty should be exalted and defended everywhere, for our Creator intends it for all men, no matter where they may call home. Yet, a post-modern culture of misguided "tolerance" has convinced many around the world that liberty is only one of many viable and equal choices, and sadly--shockingly--that's a theme many of our children are being taught in school, and pick up through their entertainment choices today. It's difficult to fathom, but in the politically-correct atmosphere that now dominates the American conversation, few even dare state the simple truth.


For, when nations like Iran claim that their nuclear pursuits are merely in response to ours...when American politicians, standing in the well of Congress, have the gall to insinuate that WE are propagating terrorism, by our actions as a is obvious that too many have lost sight of these facts:


  • Democracy is the superior form of government on this planet.

  • American-style capitalism is the best organ for global economic growth and stability

  • The American people are the most moral and rational people in the world.


Therefore, when extremists attempt to force submission to their false god, at the business end of a gun...when dictators subjugate and persecute their own people...when timid, pacifist governments stand by, allowing injustice to prevail…it is the responsibility of this nation to act, and bring that justice to the world.


I know...I can just envision all of the globalists and America-haters stammering and fuming…but it's simply the unwashed truth. Sometimes, our nation's superior military must bring liberty to those who are being denied it. Always, it will be run by imperfect humans in Washington, and they will make mistakes that cost American lives. Sometimes, innocent people will die. It's a sad reality, and one we must never take lightly. 


But the United States of America is the last, best hope for this planet. For, without our power and influence, the terrorists win. Without America and her people, most of the world's progress stops. And without this great nation…and the brave people who call it home…the forward march of the Gospel becomes a slow crawl. So, may God continue to bless the America. And may we, once in a while, pause and remember the sacrifices that first purchased, and continue to insure that blessing. For—like our eternal salvation—the benefits of freedom came at great expense.