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"Sending a Message"

I have not blogged in a very long time, because--like many of you--I have been sickened by the vicious nature of the political process, here of late. As have you, I've eagerly awaited this Election Day, not only to exercise my obligation and privilege as a citizen, but to see this nasty back-and-forth come to--at least--a temporary halt.


Allow me to say at the outset that I hear--and share--your fatigue with the war. I, too, recognize that our President and his staff have made mistakes, and I mourn the loss of life on both sides. I have tired of the Washington gridlock, and the partisan bickering that has robbed me of nearly all enthusiasm for the American political process. But I'm concerned that some will set out to merely "send a message" to the President with their vote Tuesday. Sadly, many more will stay home, feeling either disgusted or powerless with the sad state of affairs in Washington, Harrisburg, Trenton, wherever our elected officials ply their trade.


For those who choose to "sit this one out," I can almost guarantee that the candidates you secretly hoped would succeed will--instead--fall in defeat. For those who wish to "send a message," please understand that, by 8:01pm Tuesday, your "message" will have lost its resonance--at least, here at home. Terrorists worldwide will be greatly encouraged...but George Bush will still be President, the sun will still set in the west...and your angry protest will have accomplished little. Unless, of course, you consider the long-term, historic impact of having handed away the most powerful seat in the United States Senate to someone completely unqualified to occupy it.


The power of that seat, by the way, will not automatically transfer to its next occupant, but will instead likely convert to another state, or a different party.   For you see, a United States Senator doesn't inherit that kind of influence; he or she must earn it. It's taken a lot of hard work, and years of taking unpopular stands and making difficult decisions, for Rick Santorum to rise to the top. Should he be defeated, a bitter irony will follow. As new committee memberships and chairmanships are awarded in Washington, Bob Casey's new peers would show more discernment about the freshman Senator, than did the Pennsylvania electorate...handing away Santorum's membership on the finance and taxation oversight committees…not to mention, his chairmanship of the party conference. Indeed, the commonwealth's loss would be America's, as well.  


I could dissect Casey's real opinion on abortion, or take apart one of his other positions (should he actually articulate any). I could--conversely--brag incessantly about Rick Santorum's achievements, not just for party or nation, but on behalf of the citizens of Pennsylvania. The partial-birth abortion ban, AIDS legislation, the Born-Alive Infants Protection Act, internet safety legislation, it's quite a list. What Santorum's done for seniors, farmers, and our kids' education. But more important to me is Rick Santorum's demonstrated character, displayed consistently over 12 years in the US Senate. I have not met a more genuine patriot, or a more passionate conservative, than the junior senator for the Commonwealth. Truly Santorum's power comes, not from the lofty perch of his elected office, but from the courage of his convictions. He says what he means, and means what he says; Rick walks his talk with every stride he takes.

With the scope and magnitude of the threats and challenges that face us, Pennsylvanians--and Americans--need a man like that. It is no time for amateurs, or on-the-job training. Please--for the sake of our future--re-elect Rick Santorum to the US Senate.