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Still Laughing?

I'm a little surprised that I've seen virtually no concern expressed about a few of the comments made by our First Lady at this weekend's Washington Correspondants' Dinner.

I suspect the evangelicals fear appearing prudish or out of touch, and the conservatives eschew criticizing anything the President or his family say or do, lest the liberal media use such statements as further proof that the Republican party is ripping apart at its seams.


Forgive me, Rush...but I can't "take a chill pill" on this one. It is inappropriate for anyone privileged to stand in the "bully pulpit" of the presidency to elevate the activity of watching the bawdy "Desperate Housewives" on television, or to suggest that visiting a strip club is even worthy of dignified conversation in the presence of her husband, the leader of the free world.


I don't want a First Family that is "just like us." Our children, our nation--even our enemies abroad--need to see a White House populated by people whose behavior we can aspire to and emulate at all times. I'm sure some within the Republican Party believe Mrs. Bush's comedy routine was a strategic success; now, moral and political liberals know that the Bushes are really not much different than themselves.


To me, that signifies a tragic defeat.