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The Marketing of Abortion

You've no doubt heard by now that a 7-page article in Wednesday's (8/24) Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) concludes that unborn children likely don't feel pain until about the 28th week of pregnancy. No coincidence, obviously, that such information is made available just as the Unborn Child Pain Awareness Act is before lawmakers. The Act would affect just 1.4%, or 18,000 of the nearly 1.3 million legal abortions each year in the U.S. But for the "pro-choice" forces in America, any   impediment to free and unfettered access to abortion is insurmountable.


Witness the rhetoric of Minnesota Planned Parenthood CEO Sarah Stoesz, who recently remarked that asking women contemplating abortion to consider that, "on top of everything else, they might be inflicting pain, seems to me cruel and unforgiveable." Indeed, it seems the goal is to remove all social, physical, and moral stigma from the desperate act of terminating a life.


But in her Philadelphia Inquirer story, picked up by Knight-Ridder syndication, Marie McCullough concludes with a bit of information largely overlooked by those reporting on the JAMA article. The piece fails to mention that one author is an abortion clinic director, and the lead author--medical student Susan Lee--once worked for NARAL's "Pro-Choice America." Journal editor-in-chief Catherine DeAngelis acknowledges the fact might create "an appearance of bias."


But there is little doubt such bias exists, and will continue to be found, whenever the incendiary issue of abortion is discussed. For as long as a buck can still be made by viciously ending the life of an innocent child, the conspiracy of misinformation foisted by the abortion industry, and their willing accomplices in the media, will continue. But the overwhelming evidence points to one sad conclusion. Even if a pre-born child does not feel the pain of an abortion, her mother does--and will--for the rest of her life.