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It was a lovely little press release that was sent, unsolicited, my way--clear proof that most PR firms never qualify their lists--but I digress. Seems has some great new features at their website. Reading here, it says; "We're the first to offer new, easy-to-use search capabilities by zip code, called DivorceZip, and 'blogging,' offering consumers easy access to local lawyers and valuable news and legal information." Later in the release, we read: " also offers assistance to those considering divorce.  The 'Stages of Divorce' feature can help people make well-informed decisions about whether to end their marriage (emphasis mine), and provides advice on how to plan the process to ease potential emotional and financial difficulties." Wonderful. Now we can consult a website, established by divorce lawyers, to gain their expert advice about WHETHER we should end our marriages? Perhaps we should consult the fox, for advice about henhouse security?!

Look...this is not a game. We are truly nearing the end of marriage as we know it. And we’ve got to stop putting ourselves in the center of the universe. I saw a promo for Dr. Phil this morning, and--although he and I don’t see eye-to-eye on a lot of things--on one subject, we do agree. So-called adults, who make the commitment to be so-called husbands and wives, well--they need to get their heads out of...uh, the sand...and think about what they’ve signed up for! Becoming a husband or wife--or mom and dad, for that matter--isn’t just a few steps above purchasing a pet poodle, or leasing a Lexus! You're NOT just signing a legal contact--you're entering into a covenant! What's a covenant?

In Scripture, God made a covenant with Abraham and his descendants, and if you aren’t familiar with the passage, it's in Genesis 15. What happened was this...Abraham was instructed to slay a number of animals, then cut the carcasses in half, one half on each side...with the blood pooling in the middle. At sunset, a flaming torch--representing the Lord--passed between the spilt carcasses, moving through the blood, saying--in essence--"I will keep this covenant, at the expense of my own life." We do a similar thing today: do you know what it is? We split our families in two--one on each side of a sanctuary--and walk down a blood-red carpet between them...on the way to the altar...where we pledge our lives, before God and man, to love someone, "'til death do us part." Marriage is not some cheap little game we play to please our parents, defy our government, or score a few crockpots and 4-slice toasters. When we marry, we must fight with our lives to make it last. When we decide to be parents, we must put ourselves aside, and dedicate our very existence to the children God entrusts to our keeping. And no website, no coworker, no best friend, no woman or man should have the power to violate that sacred trust.