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An Arrow Pointing to Heaven - Book Review

  • 2002 25 Sep
<i>An Arrow Pointing to Heaven</i> - Book Review

What was it about Rich Mullins, Christian music's admittedly oddball "ragamuffin" of a man, that endeared him to so many that, five years after his death, his loss only seems more tragic and his influence only continues to grow?  Likely it is that, aside from his superior talents as a writer and performer, Mullins possessed a passionate, unruly, irrepressibly contagious love for Jesus that continues to inspire.

An Arrow Pointing to Heaven is a splendidly researched account of Mullins' life, his love for Jesus, his loathing of sin (especially his own), and his enduring legacy.  Originally released two years ago, Arrow is now being re-released in paperback with some all-new material, including an introduction by the author (who was a close friend of Mullins), a stirring commentary about the Beatitudes written by Mullins, a goose bump-inducing poem he wrote just two days before he died and a thought-provoking new afterword by his brother, David.

This book was impressive in its original form, but with the addition of the new material it is simply a must-own.  Perhaps Carolyn Arends says it best in her endorsement for the book when she writes, "This is a dangerously challenging work….You will not make it to the final chapter unchanged."  Whether for a longtime fan of Mullins, or for someone who is yet unfamiliar with his profoundly important life and music, this book is worth every penny.

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