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Cindy Morgan Live Chat!

  • 1999 16 Sep
Cindy Morgan Live Chat!
Live Chat on October 4, 1999
(Summary based on questions and answers from the event.)

The Music Channel at invites you enjoy a partial summary of this wonderful chat experience with our guest CINDY MORGAN!

Cindy joined us while on tour with the with Chris Rice, Watermark and Ginny Owens to celebrate the release of the Night In Rocketown CD.

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Live from The Music Channel at -- this is Elehost, filling in for Renee_Host, waiting for the arrival of tonight's guest. The stage crew -- Fritzpw_Host, Nana_dodo, Clare_Host and many others - are getting ready. They are working very hard polishing all the last minute details. The crowd is assembling, ready to welcome one of the most popular Christian singers of the nineties!

Here she is, virtually pulling up in her nice VW, and walking down the red carpet -- all the way from Alberta, Canada -- Word Records' recording artist {{Cindy Morgan}} (managed by Rocketown Management and on tour with The ==Night In Rocketown==!) Her fans (and sister who is online for the chat as well) cheer for her, happy to see her present at this chat rendezvous on

Cindy is accompanied by her soon-to-be husband of three years, Mr. Sigmund Brower. (Their 3rd anniversary is in November.) Mr. Brower is a popular author who has written many novels and children's series. He wrote books such as Weeping Chamber, Double Helix, and Blood Ties. Presently he is working on a mystery written in a classical way, which according to Cindy, should be the best one he has ever written! I am sure that Mr. Browser probably has the same opinion regarding his wife's next album that should be coming out mid to late summer of 2000.

Her most recent album, "==The Loving Kind==", had a serious tone. It was inspired by two trips to Israel. One trip lasted two weeks and the other lasted three weeks. One of the songs, "Take My Life", was inspired by the story of Mary Magdelene. The album is a musical journey through the four gospels, the land of Christ's earthly life, and the experience of every believer. To read more about this project, go to Cindy's At A Glance page.

Cindy will start recording her next album Nov. 1st. It will have a more upbeat and fun tone than The Loving Kind. According to Cindy, it will be the kind of album that makes you want to roll down your windows, let your hair be free in the wind and sing-a-long with it!! Cindy will play some piano on it, but not as much as she has on previous albums. We should also be able to see a few videos of the songs that will be on that next album! As for the title, Cindy says she can't reveal all the secrets!

Cindy is a very busy woman. With giving around 150 performances per year, down from the 200 a year in earlier years, how does she keep her spiritual life on track? "Reading the Bible daily and praying and meditating on the Word is the key to that," she says.

She spends a lot of her time writing songs and lyrics. Who is her greatest source of inspiration? God is her source of inspiration, as well as the need to express her emotions. She feels as if she doesn't sing, she might explode!! That inspires her! Often composing is easier during or after trials. -- there is a lesson that was learned or a story to tell. She has especially appreciated writing with {{Michael W. Smith}} and also with Andrew Ramsey, her six-year guitarist. She qualifies Michael as brilliant, fast, inspiring, and as a person with a lot of integrity.

Cindy Morgan isn't only about singing and writing. She likes taking walks, jogging, biking, and going to the pet store. Yea yea, going to the pet store! If for some reason, one day, she could not do anything musical anymore, she would like to work in a pet store or do interior design. She does not own pets, but probably will one day when she is home more often. She likes hockey. The last game Cindy saw was a Predators game in Nashville. She would also like to visit her family more often, but it's difficult since she lives in Canada and is on the road much of the year. But when she gets enough air miles, she uses them to go back home to the South! Cindy listens to music too. Currently in her CD player (containing 200 disks) you can hear Andrea Bocelli, The Greatest Hits of Elton John, and....... The Best of Disco! Everything must stop and shoes must be removed when Abba's song Dancing Queen comes on ! It's time to dance!!

With her experience, Cindy was asked to give advice to people who would like to have a breakthrough in the industry:
1. Take every opportunity that you have to sing. i.e.: Local churches, conferences, etc. You gain experience and get known.
2. Be part of the Gospel Music Association (GMA). They can help you and give you good training and back up regarding Christian music careers through their programs and classes.
3. (Last but not least !!) Do NOT wear new shoes during a performance especially if you dance. You might end up doing the split and not be able to come back up !! (One of Cindy's funniest moments on stage!)

Her latest work?
Two lullabies that she sang to the McCaughey Septuplets.

What is she doing right now?
She is on the "==Night in Rocketown== Tour" with {{Chris Rice}}, {{Ginny Owens}}, and {{Watermark}}. The tour is a lot of fun and she has grown closer to all the artists. She says hanging with Chris Rice is like being with a big lovable kid. She particularly enjoys the more intimate moments of this tour where all the artists are on stage doing the singer/songwriter thing. Cindy clarified that she has not left Word Records. She is very happy with Word Records and has several future recordings in the works. She became involved with the Night In Rocketown tour through her management (Rocketown Management,) a sister company to Rocketown Records.

At the stroke of midnight on December 31st 1999?
She is supposed to be in Gisbourne, New Zealand singing "Heart of the Sunrise" with {{John Tesh}} from John's upcoming release. Gisbourne is the first place the clock will strike on January 1, 2000. Cindy's not too sure how she feels about this event because New Zealand is listed as one of the places that isn't particularly Y2K ready

In the future?
Cindy would love to do a Christmas album, possibly after next year's new release. She's also talking to Word Records about a collection album. If she could sing with anyone she wanted in the future, that person would be Sting!

Thoughts on integrity?
Cindy was asked "with recent events that have occurred, what are your thoughts on Christian artists, integrity, and accountability -- to God, the church, and to even record labels?" Cindy responded, "I think that people are called as Christians to live the best life they can and to live the most honest life they can, no matter what their occupation is. If their job description has 'Christian' in it, then maybe you're held to a higher accountability to men, but NOT to God."

As for the rest, well you had to be there to get an even better taste of this sweet and passionate lady!

Thanks to {{Cindy Morgan}}, Word Records and Rocketown Records for making this event possible. We pray that God's blessings be on Cindy and her family for the rest of her life!

This is Elehost live from the Chat on ( Please join us next time for another great moment in the life of a Christian artist!

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