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4HIM -- Walk On

  • 2001 26 Oct
4HIM -- <I>Walk On</I>
ALBUM: Walk On
IN A PHRASE: 4HIM's debut on Word Records proves the fact that no matter what hits this group, they're ready to "walk on" through it.

The advertisements say, "Settle for nothing less than an original." And that's the truth. 4HIM's original sound returns on a new label, Word, and a new CD, Walk On.

My first impression was, 'It's not like Obvious.' After closer inspection I came to the conclusion that it's better.

The opener, Psalm 112, is reminiscent of their Hymns project. Scripture in song, with 4HIM vocal originality. Surrender is melodic, tasteful, and a soothing vertical piece.

The title track, Walk On, left me wanting more. In my opinion, the title track should always be able to musically grab you and make you remember the album. Walk On doesn't do either.

The song you will remember is I Know You Now. Kirk, Marty, Andy, and Mark shine in this funky tune, filled with one-of-a-kind vocals and driving guitars.

Classic 4HIM pops up in Let The Healing Begin. Not quite as captivating as Before The River Came, but it still drives home the point of God's never-ending love.

This Is My Declaration is perhaps Mark Harris' strongest track on the record. Guitars, strings, and organs collide in a captivating explosion!

In a cross between Beach Boys and BeeGee's harmonies, One Foot In The Water is perhaps the most unusual track and the best lyric of the record.

A 4HIM song is never truly a solo effort by a single member. And that definitely rings true with Eyes Of The World. This song brings back memories of the 4HIM favorite, For Future Generations.

My final word ...

Walk On is a great label debut for 4HIM. I expect its singles to do the same thing other 4HIM singles has done: Hit radio with a bang and go straight to the top!

Until Next Time ...
The J Man