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JAKE Unleashes an Army of Love

  • 2002 10 Feb
JAKE Unleashes an <I>Army of Love</I>
ALBUM: Army of Love
IN A PHRASE: JAKE returns with a renewed musical passion on the band's sophomore release.

Brothers Toby, Josh and Marty Penner, better known to their fans as JAKE, return on Reunion Records, ready to invade the music scene with their sophomore project, Army of Love.

The new album is a step in the right direction for a band whose has been mislabeled a "boy band." Through Army of Love, the guys of JAKE set out to prove their detractors wrong.

So what is the truth about these guys? They’re a real band that plays real instruments, and they play them quite well.

The CD kicks off with the active title track, a call for everyone to serve in not only the big things that get recognition, but also the little things done in secret, and seen only by God.

Brighter showcases an air of maturity not reached on JAKE's debut project, while the band's stab at modern worship, This Is Love, portrays the meaning of love in the crucifixion in a reflective and moving way.

The smooth beat of Raining is fun and creative, while Now I See is another attempt at worship. Both songs, penned by oldest brother Toby, are the highlights of this record.

The band follows the same pattern of its debut recording by including a few radio-friendly love songs: Crazy, Take A Ride, and Been a Long Time.

Army of Love also includes a cover of the Michael W. Smith classic I Am Sure, focusing on acoustic guitars rather than Smitty-esque keyboards. The tune is a perfect wrap-up for this sophomore effort.

My final word...

JAKE is back with a musical vengeance, ready to lead this army of love!

Until Next Time,
The J Man