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Out of Eden Adds Funk to Faith With This Is Your Life

  • 2002 28 Jan
Out of Eden Adds Funk to Faith With <I>This Is Your Life</I>
ALBUM: This Is Your Life
ARTIST: Out of Eden
IN A PHRASE: The girls are back with a little funk in their groove!

Sisters Lisa, Andrea, and Danielle, collectively known as Out of Eden, return with their fourth project, This Is Your Life.

The album kicks off with Different Now, a song that premiered on WOW 2002 and that adds some trumpet fanfare to the classic Out of Eden sound.

Day Like Today, reminiscent of their hit Lovin' The Day, is one of the CD's triumphs, with an appearance by dc Talker and Gotee founder Toby McKeehan.

Add a little backbeat to a heartfelt message of Jesus' love for us and you get the unique track Paradise, while the contemplative Meditate will make you want to sway.

Out of Eden has always been known for pushing the barriers lyrically and musically. With Showpiece they pour on the funk, addressing female equality while pushing the musical envelope wide open!

The gentle tones of the worshipful track Praise You take the listener into the presence of God, while not forsaking the girls' smooth vocals.

They pick it back up with Rolling Stone, a tribute to girls who have lived without an earthly father.

The title track brings it all together with strings, guitars, and typical Eden kick to wrap up a definitive solid effort!

My final word...

Hey, it is your life - but if I were you, I wouldn't miss the new Out of Eden project!

Until Next Time...
The J Man