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Twenty-Five Albums Later, Steve Green Still Has It

  • 2005 13 Apr
Twenty-Five Albums Later, Steve Green Still Has It

Artist:   Steve Green
Title:  "Somewhere Between"
Label:  Sparrow

After his brief stint as the founding lead vocalist for Christian rock act Whiteheart, Steve Green became a commercial powerhouse with his solo foray beginning in the mid ’80s. Often thought of as the male equivalent to Sandi Patty, Green mastered tender ballads that punctuated his albums of high-octane inspo anthems and “in-the-rafters” endings.

On "Somewhere Between," his 25th album, Green leaves behind the bulk of the formula he has employed for the last two decades and moves in what he admits is an “art song” direction. The results, two years in the making, are impressive.

Produced by Greg Nelson (Point of Grace), "Somewhere" is a quiet, soothing showcase for Green’s rich, classically-tinged set of pipes. Sure to be compared to recent works by Andrea Bocelli and pop wunderkind Josh Groban, the album is introspective, theatrical and genuinely moving, especially with the lush orchestrations accenting many of the songs. It offers less of the declarative answers of Green’s past work, instead honestly exploring the questions of pain, doubt and loss that life inevitably rains down on both the just and the unjust.

Green also demonstrates artistic growth by co-writing half of the songs. Highlights include “You’re My God,” “In You Alone” and the gentle closer “Be At Rest.” The album’s anchor is “In Brokenness You Shine,” which finds Green pleading, “Let comfort be a living thing/ A river flowing from my grief, where thirsty souls can drink their fill.” Also especially noteworthy is “Sorrow Mixed with Light” where he ponders, “Somewhere in between the beauty and the tears/ This is where we live our lives.”

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