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Healing Takes Hope - Arise Daily - December 1

  • 2021 Dec 01

December 1, 2021

Healing Takes Hope

by Robin Currie

[He] implored Him earnestly, saying, “My little daughter is at the point of death; please come and lay Your hands on her, so that she will get well and live." Mark 5:23 NASB

“These things just take time,” the surgeon told me. “Come back in six months.”

Six more months of balancing medication, physical therapy, back braces. Six more months of working, studying, raising kids, and writing – things I loved – but always working around unrelenting pain. I woke up many mornings praying, “Let the pain be gone today!” But it never was.

Six months turned into two and then five years, then a decade. A new surgeon, new hope, new fear. With a week to go before that second back surgery, I could no longer pray. “What if…”

I reached out to faithful friends and confessed I needed help. I did not have words or even coherent thoughts. And having asked for help, I found myself quietly accepting whatever the outcome. Upheld by their prayers I just relaxed into the arms of God.

 And six months later I heard the amazing words: “This surgery was successful. With a few limits, you can now lead a normal life.”

I cried all the way home.

Recovery from physical, mental, or spiritual distress seems to take forever. How do Jesus’ acts of healing speak to our life challenges? In Mark 5:21-43, Jesus seems to be multitasking! He is on his way to heal a twelve-year-old girl, and gets stopped to heal a woman who had been hemorrhaging for twelve years.  There are a couple of things revealed about Jesus in these healings.

First, Jesus does things that were defined by the religious establishment as wrong. Touching a sick woman or a dead person made Jesus unfit to enter the Temple in Jerusalem until he had been cleared by the priests.

But Jesus is not made unclean by these acts of compassion. Rather, His touch makes the one he touched whole again.

Second, the purpose of the acts on Jesus' part was not to convince anyone he is Son of God or gain disciples to follow him. These were acts of pure, selfless compassion. Both miracles simply restore a person to life by the touch of Jesus.

We do not know what the woman and the girl did with the lives Jesus gave back them. We hear nothing more of them in the Bible. Before he healed them, the lives of these women seemed over, but now they have just begun. Their personal stories were a testimony to the power of Jesus’ love. They lived no longer defined by disease but known to be healed by the miracle of Jesus' touch.

Like those women, we are not required to pay back anything, but to live our lives healed. We have been set free from guilt and shame. We are healed of pointless anger and grudges against hurts that happened long ago. We are healed of all that separates us from God and other people. We are healed to share our stories of hope with others.

This article is brought to you by the Advanced Writers and Speakers Association (AWSA).

rev. dr. robin currie arise daily authorAbout the author: Rev. Dr. Robin Currie learned story sharing by reading the parables of Jesus. She perfected story telling techniques by sitting on the floor, in children's sermons and library story times. Robin has sold 1.7 M copies of her 30 Bible storybooks and writes stories to read and read again! robin currie how to dress a dinosaur arise daily

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