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Muslim Converted through Amazing Dream

Nabeel Qureshi was born in the U.S. to Pakistani immigrants.  Raised by very observant Muslims, he became an advocate and staunch defender of Islam.  Then he met a Christian in college who quickly became his best friend.  The two frequently debated theology, causing Qureshi to begin questioning the foundations of his faith.

After graduation, he began praying regularly, asking God to show himself. As he told the Christian Post, "I remember in the Quran it says, 'Allah hears those who call out to him.'  In the Bible it says, 'Ask and you shall receive.  Seek and you shall find.  Knock and the door shall be opened.'"  So he asked the "God of the Quran and God of the Bible" to show him which was real.

By the time he finished his first year of medical school, he had a vision and three dreams in answer to his prayer.  Dreams are especially significant to Muslims, who do not expect to be able to commune with God, but ask for guidance in their dreams.  Qureshi cites Islamic tradition in which Muhammad taught that "the dreams of the faithful are prophetic" and that "dreams are 1/46th of revelation."

One dream was especially significant and involved his college Christian friend: "I was standing at the threshold of a strikingly narrow door, watching people take their seats at a wedding feast.  I desperately wanted to get in, but I was not able to enter, because I had yet to accept my friend David's invitation to the wedding.  When I awoke, I knew what God was telling me, but I sought further verification.  It was then that I found the parable of the narrow door, in Luke 13:22-30.  God was showing me where I stood."  As a result, he made Christ his Lord.

Yesterday we discussed the spiritual awakening happening around much of the world, celebrating the fact that more Muslims have come to Christ in the last 15 years than in the preceding 15 centuries.  Many like Nabeel Qureshi are responding to visions and dreams.  God speaks to us in whatever language and ways we can understand.  He became one of us that we might be one with him.

Muslim miraculous conversion stories are especially persuasive to me because those who share them have so little to gain and so much to lose.  Qureshi's parents were "shattered" by his conversion, he says.  Many Muslim converts are exiled from their families and homes; many are tortured, and many are killed.  Their courageous faith is testimony to the hope found only in Jesus and the transforming power of his Spirit.

I pray every day for 100 million Muslims to come to Christ this year.  Will you join me?


Publication date: May 14, 2014

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