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Discover the Book - Dec. 28, 2009

  • 2009 Dec 28

Simeon and Anna Finishing Fruitfully

Today there are two elderly saints dominated by wonderful choices that they lived by. They are remarkable models for us to follow as each of us ponders what the Lord has offered us this Christmas season. Please join me in Luke 2:22 for their biography.

The last message we need to hear from the characters of Christmas comes from the lives of Simeon and Anna. These two dear Old Testament saints give us one of the clearest challenges that every one of us who know and love Jesus need to hear - Finishing Life Fruitfully for Jesus.

Today if Christ's coming, or an accident He allows or a disaster He chooses doesn't intervene -- each of us in this room will live to be nearly 80 years old. Some of us here may have exceeded that length of days, but for the vast majority, there are many years of days left for us. What choices are you making today to be Finishing Life Fruitfully for Jesus?

What guide did Simeon and Anna follow? What was the pattern that they chose to emulate? These two notable lives were the result of believing and following God's Word. There is a chapter in the Bible they both knew well - they lived it.

I think we can find that wonderful pattern in Psalm 92, and as we read it you will see exactly what they are like when we find them in Luke 2. They heard that God wanted them planted in the courts of God - and that is where they are. They knew He wanted them to flourish - and they were.

The last four verses of Psalm 92 are the marching orders that I believe God has laid down for each of us. This is what I want to be and what we all should want to be by God's grace more each day that we live.

Flourish like the Palm Tree in the desert!

  1. The palm tree grows in good clean soil. When you find these beautiful fruit-bearing trees in California, Iraq, Jericho, or anywhere else, you will never find them planted or growing among rocks or worthless soil. Jesus Christ is our righteousness.
  2. The palm tree grows from the inside out. The life of the righteous is not determined or conditioned by outward appearances, ritual or circumstance. It all comes from within.
  3. The palm tree grows no branches. To be sure, there are the fronds at the top but no branches. In other words, it spends no time on side issues.
  4. All of the fruit of the palm tree is at the top. In other words, everything for God!

~Grow like the cedars in the stormy mountains of Lebanon.

~Decide to Plant your life in God's Presence like a tree in the Temple Courts.

~Decide to Overflow with God's Grace like sap from a pine tree.

~Decide to Affirm the Goodness of God: He is upright; He is my Rock; He is good.

~Decide to Make the Goodness of the Lord your life long testimony.

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