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Discover the Book - Feb. 5, 2011

  • 2011 Feb 05

Isaiah: Worshiping Our God of Salvation


From the revolt of Satan to the rule of the Savior-all is told by Scripture's most eloquent prophet Isaiah. He was the Shakespeare of the prophets and the Paul of the Old Testament. Isaiah has more to say about the greatness of God (40,43), the horrors of the Tribulation (24), the wonders of the Millennium (35), and the ministry of Christ (53) than any other book in the Bible. 


Isaiah 53 is probably the most important and far-reaching chapter in the Old Testament, as it is quoted from or alluded to 85 times in the New Testament.  Jesus said that Isaiah saw His glory and spoke of Him (John 12:41).  This book is an extended commentary on Jonah 2:9, when that prophet exclaimed from the fish's belly, "Salvation is of the Lord"


·         The word salvation appears 33 times in the writing of the prophets, and of these, 26 instances occur in Isaiah.


The Book of Isaiah is easily compared to the Bible.


·         The Bible has 66 books; Isaiah has 66 chapters. 

·         The Old Testament has 39 books; the first section of Isaiah has 39 chapters. 

·         The New Testament has 27 books; the last section of Isaiah has 27 chapters. 

·         The Old Testament covers the history and sin of Israel, as does Isaiah 1-39. 

·         The New Testament describes the person and ministry of Christ, as does Isaiah 40-66.


This marvelous manuscript has been almost universally regarded as the greatest and grandest treatise on the greatest subject in the history of writing-Christ and His salvation. Its importance and sheer eloquence simply cannot be overstated.


The Book of Isaiah has three major themes. These may be summarized as:

1.      CONVICTION: The overwhelming sense of sin and the wrath of God against sin. This is clearest in the 21x Isaiah uses the word "woe". In God's sight our good deeds are "filthy rags" [64:6-7];

2.      CONFESSION: The all pervading awareness of the Power, Majesty and Holiness of God. And 23x he uses the Divine Name of "THE HOLY ONE OF GOD", a name nearly unique to Isaiah except for 5 other passages.

3.      CONFIDENCE: The crystal clear sight of the Salvation and Coming Victory of Christ.


These themes are spread throughout the book. However, never as clearly as in the sixth chapter where all three converge in 8 verses-  Isaiah6:1-8.


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