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Discover the Book - July 24, 2010

  • 2010 Jul 24

The Implications of Christ's Convictions about: Science, History & Prophecy


What standard do we use to measure proper handling of the Bible? Whenever we use the Bible one standard we should always seek to gage if we are doing so correctly. The standard is how Jesus used God's Word.


Jesus has the

Highest View of Scripture


In our text (John 1:1-18) Jesus flatly stated that He was God, who came to Earth as God the Son. He goes on to say that He was the exact representation of God the Father in human flesh and that the Bible, or the Scriptures, were to be understood as God's very Words. Thus Christ's convictions about the Bible are the highest that are possible to be held.


Pondering the implications of Christ's

Convictions about Science


All museums, textbooks, teachers, and schools that proclaim as science something different from God's Word are wrong! And any science that contradicts the truth that God created the Universe perfect, and the sin of the first human plunged all of humanity and the universe into a vortex of destruction is also denying God the Creator.


So when Peter says that the same God who spoke all things into being is going to stop everything in II Peter 3:5-11, we know that is truth we can live by!


As we go back to Matthew 24, we see next that Jesus believed the Bible contained trustworthy, reliable history. In Matthew 24:37-39 we have already seen that He took the account in Genesis 6-8 as a literal account about a global flood that destroyed all humans and land animals that were not aboard the Ark.


Pondering the implications of

Christ's convictions about History


By verifying the absolutely trustworthy historical record of all of Genesis, that means that Jesus also believed that Genesis 18-19 are true, and that homosexuality is a deviant behavior, sinful in God's sight and facing His eternal judgment as Romans 1 tells us.


Any historical account that deviates from God's Word is inaccurate. God has written down a history of the world from day one to the present and to the last day. Only God gives the right perspective on history.


Pondering the implications of

Christ's convictions about Prophecy


So, any ideas about a world without the Jewish nation and people called Israel are not from God but from the Devil. Any group that is opposed to the Jews having the Land that God gave to them, are actually in opposition to the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Any church that teaches that Israel, has been replaced by the Church, does not accurately reflect the teachings of God's Word and that church has allowed false doctrine that favors Satan's plan, to seep into their theology.


It is clear for anyone who will read God's Word that the Jewish people, living in unbelief, are rescued nationally by their Messiah Jesus Christ, and some will turn in faith and actually at that moment be rescued spiritually and be saved.


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