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Discover the Book - Nov. 24, 2007

  • 2007 Nov 24

Highly Useful Women

Women who are highly useful to God have certain characteristics. The long-term goal of their lives is geared towards being useful to God. Parents who want their children to be useful for the Lord begin early on to point their them towards the high calling and great joy of being the Titus two woman and the Titus two man. 

The whole goal of a Titus two woman is to train younger women in Biblical, simple-to-measure, Spirit-empowered, love-based living.  

A Titus two woman is a godly wife who loves her husband in such a profound way that he appears deeply satisfied in her love; and she is also a godly mother whose children know they are deeply loved. Look for a woman that radiates love and joy, and you have the Titus two woman. 

Think of the most loving, gracious, self-sacrificing mother you can imagine—one that knows you, loves you, helps you, understands you, encourages you, comforts you in each failure, and rejoices in every good choice you make; you have just imagined the Titus two woman of Christ's church.  

Every Christian woman should either be a younger woman being mentored in Titus 2:3-5, or looking for a Titus two mentor, be a Titus two woman, or be on the way to becoming one. It is Christ's method for strengthening every marriage, every family, and every life in His church! 

Godly womanhood, as laid down in God's Word, is caught, not taught.  

Paul did not call for Titus as the pastor to train all the women in these qualities God wanted them to cultivate; rather he called upon the godly older women of Christ's church. He singles out the women of faith, those who had already learned to love their husbands, learned to love their children, and learned to be reverent, godly, modest and wise—and charged them with seeking out and meeting with every younger woman in the church. 

Paul seems to describe far more than a Bible study for those early church believers—he called for small group, practical, hands-on training sessions, and one-on-one nurturing in homes by an older-woman-in-the-faith as the norm. Older women aspired to have the joy of entering the home and life of another woman and pouring her love, her life, and most of all her godly experience into that younger woman’s life, marriage, and family. 


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