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Discover the Book - Nov. 28, 2009

  • 2009 Nov 28

The Joy of Grace-Energized Submission

What Happens When a Wife Submits to Her Husband?

A grace-energized wife will lovingly and respectfully submit to her husband's direction. Just like the Proverbs 31 woman, she will evidence a servant's heart toward her life partner. What are some ways that a wife can display a servant's heart? What are the characteristics of such a woman?

  • A grace-energized woman of submission draws her husband. A Grace-energized wife realizes how hard it is for her husband to live and work in the world. Temptations swirl around him all day long. Weariness and discouragement come at him from all sides. So a wise wife decides that home will be a magnet for him—a shining beacon on a hill that beckons her husband to come. It should be the place he would rather be when he is at work and at play.


  • A grace-energized woman of submission pleases and honors her husband. What man can ever resist this kind of a woman? She has a lifelong desire to do what pleases him.


  • A grace-energized woman of submission blesses her husband. The Lord said that our words flow from our heart. That means a godly wife, full of the Holy Spirit, would never speak wickedly about her husband or to him. She gives her mouth to God and meditates upon.


  • A grace-energized woman of submission serves her husband. The Lord designed the men to be out "sweating" to provide, and the women to be inside making his entire world ready for his homecoming. A grace-energized wife directs the house, the children, the schedule, and the meals to all make her husband's life a joy.


  • A grace-energized woman of submission forgives her husband. Christ's love causes a Grace-energized wife to forgive her husband's failures, weaknesses, and struggles. God's grace allows her to look at him with eyes of love and to think the truth. Love him as Christ loves you is her motto.


  • A grace-energized woman of submission waits for her husband. Many wives are miles ahead of their husbands and can get so frustrated at their plodding. Don't discourage your husband; don't push him—wait for him.  


  • A grace-energized woman of submission trusts her husband. If you are married, it is God's will. And since it is His will, you need to trust God with the details. The Lord can get your husband to shape up in an infinitely greater way than you ever could. All the Lord asks is this: "Trust Me with your husband." So what should you do? Trust your husband as God's man for you—for life!


  • A grace-energized woman of submission inspires her husband. Husbands can't resist godly wives. That is what Peter said. So, maintain a spiritual life full of devotion to God. A dynamic ongoing relationship with Christ is the key to being enabled to lovingly and respectfully submit to your husband's leadership.

    Wives, you are called by God to be in submission to your husband— to be his unique and suitable helper. In this section we have seen what that means. But knowing what it means is of little value unless it is applied to your relationship with your husband. Knowing these facts will not promote oneness in marriage. Performing them will. I therefore ask you to examine your relationship to your husband in the light of these truths. Are you really practicing submission with a servant's heart? Are you really practicing being your husband's helper?

 Grace-energized living means our personal, daily application of the spiritual disciplines.

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