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Discover the Book - November 27

  • 2012 Nov 27


Welcome to Laodicea

"I know your works, that you are neither cold nor hot. I could wish you were cold or hot."
-Revelation 3:15, emphasis added

Laodicea has the grim distinction of being the only assembly of the seven that the Lord of the church did not commend in some way. It is the only church Christ warned: He said He would take away their lampstand and snuff them out if they did not repent and follow Him. This is the seventh historic church, and the seventh type of Christian. It also represents the final era of Christ's church (from about 1950 onward), and is perhaps today's most prevalent church type--contented here and not looking for the heavenly city there.

If you recall, in the curse at the fall of Satan, Adam relinquished his dominion in this world, but when Jesus Christ came, He took back what the "prince of the power of the air" had usurped. Our sovereign and omnipotent God has always been in control, but to suit His own perfect purposes, He has permitted sin to run rampant throughout the centuries. However, starting in chapter four of Revelation, Christ will conquer evil and take it all back forever.

Revelation 2-3 reveals what Christ said to the seven churches, a select group in a circular loop. His message to them speaks across the centuries to us today.

  • Ephesus, the careless church, left their first love. Christ said to them, "Come back to Me!"
  • Smyrna, the crowned church, suffered persecution. Christ said to them, "Be faithful to the end!"
  • Pergamos, the compromising church, tolerated evil. Christ said to them, "Separate yourselves!"
  • Thyatira, the corrupted church, joined the world. Christ said to them, "Divorce yourself from the world!"
  • Sardis, the feeble church, wasn't on guard. Christ said to them, "Wake up before it is too late!"
  • Philadelphia, the faithful church, was pleasing to God. Christ said to them, "Keep on keeping on!"
  • Laodicea, the foolish church, needed nothing. Christ said to them, "Find what you need in Me!"

Note that what He said to the seven churches also applies to individual Christians. Therefore, I exhort you to ask the Lord Jesus to apply His letter to the seventh church to your own heart!

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