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Discover the Book - September 24

  • 2020 Sep 24

Running from God

Please open to Genesis 3:7-25. First let me trace the outline of these 18 verses:

  • Mankind RUNNING v. 7-8
  • God SEEKING v. 9
  • Mankind BLAMING v. 10-13
  • God JUDGING v. 14-19
  • Mankind BELIEVING v. 20
  • God COVERING v. 21
  • Mankind WORSHIPING v. 22-24
  • God ACCEPTING v. 22-24

Genesis 3:7-24 is God's flawless record of the spiritual death of Adam and Eve as evidenced by their running and hiding! As Soon as the word came to God's Throne that Adam and Eve had fallen to the Tempter's lies, God the Savior set off for the Garden. It was God who went looking for His fallen creatures. It is God who today seeks and saves those who are lost. It is God's will that all should come to the truth of His salvation, but so many do not. When God came seeking, Adam and Eve ran and hid. In fact, the most glaring reality of our lost-ness and fallen-ness is the way we run and hide from God. That is one of the reasons many do not come to where God's Word is taught. When God's Word is taught God is near. When God is near, sinful and fallen man runs and hides. People even to this day still do not seek after God.

Mankind RUNNING v. 7-8

What happened when a Holy Creator confronts His fallen creatures? They hid. The same practice continues to this day. Why do most people resist God's Word? They are brought into the presence of God and like their first parents; they hide and flee for they do not want to be exposed.

God SEEKING v. 9

Why did God ask questions? God was not seeking information, rather He sought that man might be humbled to the point of personal confession of his sin.

Martin Luther comments on Gen 3:9 that:

Sin is progressive. Adam not only disobeys God, he starts to even blame God. The literal rendering in these verses is "I would not have fled if thy voice had not frightened me" He actually is accusing the Lord Himself of sinning! Luther in his sermon on this passage concludes by saying:

"Thou, Lord, hast sinned." I can think of nothing more able to show sin's horror than this miserable tendency of men to blame the holy, all-wise God for our own transgressions."

The Fall was an assault upon the Love of God, Truth of God, and Majesty of God.

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