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Discover the Book - September 8

  • 2012 Sep 08


Christ's Majesty: God's Answer for Bad Times

"Let not your heart be troubled; you believe in God, believe also in Me."
-John 14:1, emphasis added

Although those were very dark and disturbing days for John, they were also very dangerous times for Christ's church. This period in time was the closest, I believe, to the church ever becoming extinct.

Paul had founded the church at Ephesus, but Timothy pastored it until he was brutally martyred by a mob. After that, until he was taken prisoner by the emperor and banished to Patmos, the Apostle John shepherded that great Ephesian church, which had become the largest in Asia Minor (about 5,000 saints!).

How painful it must have been for John when it appeared that his family, the church, was falling apart under the vicious attack from without, and rotting from the decay of false teaching within! Knowing that he was the last living witness of Christ--the last link to His earthly life--must have given him cause for great concern. For he was the only one left who had actually seen Jesus walk on the water, feed thousands, and raise dead corpses to life by a word!

What was God's answer for this aged, weary, distressed, saddened, frightened, and troubled servant? God made him take a long look to discover anew and afresh the most beautiful picture there is in all the Scriptures--Jesus Christ. Revelation is all about teaching us to do just that.

There is no more beautiful or more clearly painted portrait of Jesus in the whole Bible than the first chapter of Revelation. It is here that we discover Jesus revealing His glorious majesty so that we can see Him as He is (Revelation 1)! If you want to discover the magnificent sovereign majesty of Jesus Christ, you need to get into the habit of looking for Him throughout the Scriptures. Make that your heart's desire, for He can be seen all the way through the Bible.

One night, I came into the church building where my wife was attending a ladies' salad supper. I needed to talk with her for a moment. Scores of women were milling around, so I just stood there in the doorway looking across the room. I kept looking until I saw my Bonnie, and my eyes locked on her. Later, someone said to her, "That was so sweet! I saw the look on your husband's face when he finally saw you." And that is the kind of look you should have in your heart when you read the Scriptures. You should not be content until you see Jesus every time you get into His Word. Every time!

If you are going through disturbing, dangerous, despairing days in your life, look for Christ. His purpose is not that we should primarily fear Him, but that we should trust Him. For Christ is in control. That is why we believe that His church will not be subjected to all the turmoil and death of the Great Tribulation: For God did not appoint us to wrath, but to obtain salvation through our Lord Jesus Christ (1 Thessalonians 5:9).

Are you trusting Jesus? As the hoof beats of the horsemen of the end are heard louder each day, I pray that your heart will rest in the One who holds you securely!

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