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Exercising Faith - Ed Young Television Devotional - 9/21

  • 2020 Sep 21

Ed Young Television Devotional

Exercising Faith

Blessed is the one who trusts in the Lord…. Psalm 40:4


To be human is to exercise faith. We have faith that the chair we are sitting in will hold us up. We have faith that the light will turn on when we flip the switch. We have faith that the person driving on the road will not cross into our lane. Life requires faith. We base that faith on what we have experienced and seen in the past.

When it comes to our faith in Jesus, the same is true. We look back at His track record and see how He has moved and what He has done, and that gives us the confidence to have faith in Him for the future. Our level of confidence in Jesus, our faith in who He is, and our faith in what He can do are all based on understanding who He has shown Himself to be and what He has done in the world and in our own lives. Don’t live a life of fear based on doubt. Instead, use those doubts to fuel your faith and discover a life of freedom!


Thank God for what He has done in your life and in the lives of those around you. Pray for the strength to trust in Him, even in times of doubt and uncertainty.


Write down three ways in which you have seen God work in your life. Keep this card in your Bible, and add to the list in times you see Him move. Then, in times of doubt or uncertainty, read this card and thank God for moving in your life.

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