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Name Above All Names - Forward with Back to the Bible - May 24

  • 2021 May 24

Name Above All Names

Read Philippians 2:9-11 (ESV)

Therefore God has highly exalted him and bestowed on him the name that is above every name, so that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, in heaven and on earth and under the earth, and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father.


According to Paul, what title are all people going to confess Jesus to be? What is the benefit of making that declaration now rather than later?

What types of authority figures do you submit to? Maybe it’s your boss at work, the pastor at your church, or a police officer who pulls you over. The highest authority figure in our country is, of course, the President of the United States. 

It may seem strange in our culture but in Paul’s day, average Roman citizens had many authority figures and they called them “lord.” For example, a servant or slave would have called their master “lord.” The highest authority in the Roman empire would have been “lord Caesar.” 

But in today’s verses, Paul declared that God exalted Jesus to the highest place of honor and authority. After enduring the shame of the cross, Jesus was glorified and is now sovereign over the entire universe. Paul said that everyone in all of creation—whether in heaven or on earth, whether dead or alive—every single created being will acknowledge that Jesus Christ is the Lord of lords. God has made Him the Name above all names and therefore, the ultimate authority. 

Paul is quoting Isaiah in today’s passage. In Isaiah 45:22-23, the LORD God (Yahweh) said, “Turn to me and be saved, all the ends of the earth! For I am God, and there is no other. By myself I have sworn; from my mouth has gone out in righteousness a word that shall not return: ‘To me every knee shall bow, every tongue shall swear allegiance.’”

In making this connection to Isaiah’s words, Paul made an important point that Jesus is the master of all because He is equal to Yahweh. Paul made it very clear that Jesus is God. He also made it very clear that one day, we will bow to Him and acknowledge His lordship whether we want to or not. We can do as God said, “turn to me and be saved” (Isaiah 45:22) or we can refuse to submit to His authority until judgement day when we no longer have a choice.

Jesus Christ is the Lord of all. The Name above all names. Because Jesus is God, He is the ultimate authority over us. Friend, if you have not submitted your life to Christ’s authority and made Jesus your Lord and Savior, what is holding you back? Paul is clear that all of us will bow our knees before Him one day. Don’t wait until it’s too late for salvation. Turn to Him today on your own terms. Turn to Him and be saved. For He is God and there is no other.


Jesus, I confess that You are my Lord and my God. You are my Savior and my King. You have all the glory, honor, power, and authority. I submit my life to You. Amen.

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