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In Touch 01-08-05

In Touch Daily Devotional
by Dr. Charles Stanley


January 8, 2005
Managing God's Money
Luke 16:10-15

Every one of us is a money manager for God. Does that surprise you? Jesus taught that those who handle God's resources according to biblical guidelines will be rewarded, whereas those who disregard the principles will lose out. Luke 16 gives five warnings to help us.

Poor money managers of a little will be poor money managers of a lot. If we do not follow scriptural principles with $150 a week, then we will not do any better with $1500.

Failure to be faithful with God's money will deprive us of even greater riches. God offers true riches - namely, increased spiritual opportunities and comprehension of deep biblical truths - only to those who rightly use what He has given them.
Failure to properly handle that which belongs to another will deprive us of possessing our own. If we borrow something and do not take care of it, we cannot expect God to reward us with a similar item of our own.

Allowing a love for money to rule us prevents wholehearted commitment to Christ. This is true for those who have little as well as for those who have much.

Loving riches will cause us to dismiss scriptural teachings about money and to justify ungodly behavior. Our reaction to financial appeals or biblical teaching on stewardship reveals whether money has taken control of us.

By heeding God's warnings, we can become faithful money managers.

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