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InTouch 03-31-04

  • 2004 Mar 31

In Touch Daily Devotional
by Dr. Charles Stanley

March 31
In Touch Daily Devotional


Will There Be Eternal Punishment?
Revelation 20:11-15


Many people take exception to the idea of eternal punishment for the ungodly. However, their objections have no biblical basis at all.


Some argue this way: "Since God is omniscient, then He certainly would have foreseen that human beings would make some wrong choices-and that their sin would result in never-ending separation from Him. Therefore, to prevent everlasting punishment, God should not have created the world at all." But do any of you wish you had never been born?


Other protestors suggest, "God was right in creating man, but He should have prevented our ability to make wrong decisions that would culminate in unending punishment. That is, He should have created us without the ability to choose." Yet would anyone prefer to be a robot?


God decided upon a different alternative: to create human beings with a free will. In this way, man can receive and appreciate love from the Creator and then to choose to glorify Him in return. God knew that the best world is one in which man has the right of deciding to love or hate, obey or disobey. God understood that choice meant people would sometimes suffer, but that they would also grow in their character as a result. In the best world, God can shape us as we in love and devotion choose to submit to Him-and in the process, we will be conformed to His likeness.


God made the wisest decision. Have you made your wisest decision-to choose His Son Jesus Christ as your Savior and to spend eternity in His presence?


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