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Pearls of Grace - January 30

  • 2021 Jan 30

January 30

Knowing Your Portion

"In Him, all the promises of God are Yea and Amen!"

II Corinthians 1:20

Phillips Brooks said, "You cannot think of a prayer so large that God, in answering it, will not wish that you had made it larger. It’s been said that Heaven is full of answers to prayers that no one bothered to ask. We will never exhaust the possibilities that await us in prayer. The higher you journey in prayer there will always be higher to go. It is a limitless gift and service God affords each of us who are willing to give ourselves completely to petitioning the Heavens. The largeness of our prayers will be determined by the largeness of our faith. God longs for us to ask big things of Him believing in full faith that He is able. It pleases His heart when we say, "YOU CAN"! and embrace His word in full faith refusing to let go of God until we have prayed through.

God honors valiant faith! The writer of Hebrews tells us these inspiring words; "Let us hold fast the confession of our hope without wavering, for He who has promised is faithful." (Hebrews 10:23). With this immoveable and reservoir of hope, we should never shrink to prayers that ask for easy lives but rather seek to be made stronger women for God. We often pray for God to give us assignments that will measure up to our abilities. We should step up the plate of faith and ask God to impart the abilities equal to His tasks! God’s tasks are never given or measured by our strengths, resources or power but they are assigned according to His resources and all that He is. This is a weight of relief when we understand that we don’t have to measure up to God or to the missions He gives us; He meets every requirement necessary to accomplish the work He summons His children to do. That’s a slap Ethel truth right there! Embracing this truth will remove the demand to perform by replacing it with dependence and trust. He is able!

Today, know that your God is always abounding in the grace and strength we need, to do whatever it is He gives to us. Every day God presents us with opportunities to stretch ourselves by resting in Him and leaning into all that He is. You can believe He is able because He is! The Who God is…is what enables us. Self is totally removed from the picture and God is placed upon the throne where He rightfully belongs and when this takes place all you need is provided.


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