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Then & Now - Week of April 5

  • 2021 Apr 05

Don't Fool Yourself  - Part 3 of 3
1 John 1:8-10

1 John 1:8-10I got on the scale today and was angry. I'm on a diet and could have swore I dropped three lbs. But after weighing myself twice, it was true. I gained one pound.

The truth is that the scale doesn't lie. Sure, scales can be off, can be adjusted, can be inaccurate at times. But honestly, the problem is usually with us. We're heavier or lighter than we think.

Its this way with the Bible, only the Bible never lies. And sometimes when we examine our hearts against the scale of God's Word, we find ourselves more sinful than we realized.

Most of us good church people don't want to hear that. We've been raised in the Lord and by now, after twenty-some years of being a believer, we've got things pretty well figured out. Or so we think.

But John writes 1 John 1:10 to 2nd and 3rd generation followers of Christ. They're faith had grown a little encrusted, their tolerance for sin a little weak. In 1 John 1:8, he accused them of living in self-deception, convincing themselves that in every confrontation, they were not wrong.

What a dangerous place to be. But its even more dangerous to be confronted with God's Word and still not agree. Then you're calling Jesus a liar. Yikes. That's never good. Even the Pharisees, who hated Him, didn't do that.

The best way to live is three-fold. 1) Don't live in such a way that you're never wrong. Freely admit your sins and apologize. 2) Bask in the forgiveness and grace of God offered in 1 John 1:9. 3) Let the Bible, not your emotions, be your guide. That way you get it right every single time.

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