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Then & Now - Week of March 3

  • 2014 Mar 03

"A Time to Stand"
Judges 6

If you could choose the least likely hero to lead Israel out of the mess they had created for themselves, you would pick Gideon.

Because their enemies were so vicious and would steal their crops and their produce and their livestock, Gideon had to separate the wheat down in the threshing floor.

That means nothing to you and me, except that it means Gideon had to do his work in a basement, because he was afraid to go outside.

And yet it was when he stepped outside that an angel of the Lord appeared and greeted Gideon with a strange title. He called him a mighty warrior.

I imagine Gideon looked right, left, front, and back and said, "Excuse me, did you mean me?"

I see a lot of myself in Gideon. Not the heroic, underdog fighter Gideon, but the shrinking, afraid-of-conflict, why-can't-everybody-get-along Gideon.

But sometimes God come along and says, "I want you to be a mighty warrior." I'm reminded that Gideon wasn't a mighty warrior. He was anything but a warrior.

Yet the chips were down in Israel and Gideon was called into the battle.

I want to say this. If God calls you into the battle, go fight. Because if God calls you, God will equip you and it will be His fight, not yours.

Sometimes I wish I were more like Peter, bold, ready to cut off someone's ear. But I'm reminded that Peter folded in the moment of crisis. Talk is cheap. Actions are louder.

I'm writing this to young people, old people, any people. We can't sit on the sidelines forever. There are times when circumstances force us to take a stand for what we believe in, for the people God has called us to serve, for the sake of the Gospel.

I'm not taking about petty, selfish, vain battles that only build up our own little kingdoms. I'm talking when what we love and cherish is being attacked.

Gideon didn't want to fight, but then again if he didn't, who would? And in your family, your church, your home—whatever it is—maybe you're the one God is asking to be a mighty warrior.

Will you do it?

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