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Ways to Increase Your Income

  • 2010 17 Aug
Ways to Increase Your Income


In challenging times I see people managing their money better. And I commend them on getting involved with Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University as thousands of you have done.  But here's an important principle — Not only is it important to manage your money better; it's also important to realize that now is a great time to figure out how to make more money.

Wealth isn't made by the hour - it's made with ideas and a plan of action.

If you make $15 an hour, you're making $31,000 a year.  A cost of living increase of 3-4% is not going to significantly change your financial position.  Yes, you can do a great job and ask for a 10% raise each year and in 8 years you'll double your income to $62,000.  But that's 8 years from now.  And doubling your pay in an hourly position is not going to happen - unless you bring new skills to the table.

A better question is how can you make an extra $2600 a month starting now - to make that doubling of your income be a reality this next year?  What would that do to your debt snowball?  Here are some ideas to get your own thinking started:

  • Mow 10 yards weekly at $60 each
  • Spend $1300 on old silver at garage and estate sales; clean it up, know the market and double your investment selling on eBay
  • Create a sports themed sticker package for golf carts and sell 100 at $26 each
  • Buy a fixer-upper in this wild real estate market - do the repairs and make the entire $31,000 in one carefully orchestrated transaction
  • Be the graffiti removal expert in your town.  Get 10 contracts for $260 monthly to keep a building graffiti free
  • Set up to sell kettle corn at local fairs, festivals, fund raisers and church events.  Book 3 events a month were you could reasonably expect to net $850 each

Nothing here requires another degree or a waiting time.  But making an idea work for you does require a break from a paycheck mentality.  If you can do that, the sky is the limit in where your income can go - this year.

August 17, 2010

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